Thursday, January 26, 2012

Terrific Thursday Freebie: MyMemories Scrapbook Kit

Have you neglected the memorable photos you've been taking? Well, take some time this weekend to do some digital scrapbook. You don't have to scrapbook all the photos at once. You can start by making 1-2 scrap pages every week. Not much time to spare? Then use quick pages where the scrapbook layout has been done for you already. Just plop in your photos and write a few words (if you want to).

Here's a free kit to get you going. Remember, the free kits change frequently. So if you want this particular one, you've got to download it this week. Next week, it is going to be a different one.

Here's the preview to this week's scrapbook kit:

 This kit includes 2 digital papers, 4 page elements and 2 quick pages.

You can get by clicking this link:

Although this freebie is courtesy of MyMemories, it is not a MyMemories Suite template. The elements and QuickPages are.png and the papers are .jpg format. You can use it with any software.

Digital scrapbook is not only a hobby for adults but for kids too. I'd rather see my kids using the computer to scrapbook than to play mindless games. MyMemories Suite is a very easy scrapbook software to learn. Even children know how to use it (well, my kids do). You don't have to pay full price when you buy MyMemories Suite. Here's a discount code that will slash $10 off the price. Plus, you get another $10 gift certificate to buy stuff at their online store. Just copy and paste this code:

Here's where you can get the software:

Let me know if you finish a scrapbook. I would love to see it. Just leave a comment below.

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  1. I can use it at nay poster. Straight to the point!


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