Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Choosing Body Parts

Have you ever asked your children hypothetical questions? Well, while we were in the car the other day, I asked my children this question:
"If you could be any part of the body, which part would you choose to be and why?"

K1: I want to be the brain because the brain is the smart one and controls the rest of the body.

D1: I want to be the private part because that's the part people keep safe. (That made DH and me laugh. DH asked him if he really wanted to look like a penis. He later changed his answer to teeth. Because after he dies, he can live again as in after the milk teeth drops, another set of teeth grows. Plus he can bite people).

D2: I want to be the heart because I love everybody.

It's quite fun asking your children these type of questions. I can see how the answers sort of reflect my children's character. K1 is a little bossy and loves to act like she is smarter than everybody. I can see how she would like to be the brain. D1 is a joker. It is no surprise that his answer is creative and humorous. D2 just earned the nickname Huggy Bear by a friend's daughter because he is always hugging people. Is it any wonder he chose the heart?

How about I analyze you? What body part would you choose?
As for me, I would choose to be the mouth. 

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  1. I want to be eyes. When wake up can watch things around, and when sleep can shut the eyes.


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