Friday, April 06, 2012

Choral Speaking Competition 2012

Once again, my daughter was part of her school's choral speaking team. They did better this year compared to last year. This year, they took 2nd place. Here's the video I took of their performance. They are talking about Malaysian Idiosyncrasies.

*Sorry, the sound quality is not so good. I was at the other end of the hall.


  • Don't compare your kids to other kids or even other siblings. My eldest daughter is quite the active gal. She isn't afraid to get involved in activities at school. My 2nd son, on the other hand, is more quiet. His sister will put up her hand and answer all the teacher's questions. He will stay quiet even if he knows the answer. BUT he is more talented in athletics. So, remember that each child has their own strengths and talents. Embrace and celebrate your children's differences.

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  1. Love your tips, Ai Lian. My 2 daughters also totally different. The elder is daring like your elder too. Daring and Active. The younger is like your second one. Shy and Timid.


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