Friday, April 27, 2012

Dad Shockingly Finds Out That Teachers Are Bullying His Autistic Son

I watched this video yesterday and felt enraged and sickened. I'm glad this father found out what was really going on with his autistic son. You see, there were complains from school that his son was hitting the teachers and that is not normal behavior for his son. After months of trying to find out why and coming up with nothing, this father finally put a wire on his son to record what was going on in school. What he heard was shocking and finally, he understood why his son was behaving the way he was.

The way the teachers treated the kids and the things they said were terrible. Can you imagine, the teachers were talking about their use of alcohol, joking about lying to parents and complaining about their spouses. They made fun of the kids, demeaned them and were just plain heartless. This father's son (Akian) was called a "bastard" just because he cried.

After giving the recording to the school, the teacher's aide got fired but the teacher was transferred to another school. If this happened to your child, how would you feel? Well, this dad wants justice. He is right, no teacher who humiliates and hurts children like that (whether special needs or not) should be allowed to continue teaching. We put our trust in teachers to educate, care and nurture our children. If they abuse this trust, they should be stripped of the privilege to teach.
Take a look at this video. If you want to support this dad, go here and sign the petition.

To this dad, I salute you for standing up for your son and all kids who has ever been bullied by their teacher. I hope you get the justice you seek and your son is fortunate to have a father like you.

Do you agree with what the father is doing?


  1. He is a great and brilliant father. Thank Goodness that he has Stood up for his child.

  2. OMG! Really terrible! I would understand how the parents feel. Already having a special need child and others still treating them badly. Sigh!


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