Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mom Confesses How She Avoids Playing Toys With Son

Not all moms are enthusiastic about getting on the floor to play trucks with their son. Well, one mom confesses to this and says she uses housework to escape playing with her child. This is a cafe mom video with 3 moms sharing their thoughts on this subject.

So, do you try to get out of playing with your kids too?

Mama's Parenting Tips
  • If you don't have time to play with your kids, don't just brush them off. Tell them when you are going to be free and set a time when you can play. For example, if I'm busy preparing dinner, I'll tell my kid "when I'm done with these 2 dishes, then I can play with you for a little while". That way, they don't feel too disappointed.
  • Sometimes I don't really feel like playing toys with my kids, but I do anyway. However, I will warn them ahead of time that I'll only be playing for like 5 minutes. Sometimes, that short time is enough to make them happy. 
  • With your first child, you'll have to make that effort to play with them when they're young. Don't assume that playing comes naturally. In the beginning, you'll need to teach them. They learn by watching you. For example, show them how to hook up those lego blocks together and what they can make. Once they know how, their imagination takes over and you can encourage self play.
  • This is one reason to have more than one child. Siblings make great playmates. Moms can take a break from playing then.

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  1. My first child always wanted to play with me, that time I was in my second pregnancy. Oh My! I was so tired to entertain her after worked. Then, my second child has no this problem.


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