Friday, December 30, 2005

Looking back at 2005: May

I think it's really funny that out of her school trip to the Goat Farm, all Karina remembers is the A&W treat they had.
Which goes to show that kids see and remember things differently from adults. When out on trips I place more importance on the things we see on exhibit (e.g. zoo animals, fishes at the aquarium). My children on the other hand place more importance on where and what they eat. Hahahahah.

The story on the dogs is a sad one. I decided it was too much for me to handle and so they had to go. My mom was happy to say "I told you so." Anyway, surprisingly the kids weren't sad at all. I guess they too had enough of shoe biting episodes. Goodness knows how many new pairs of shoes and slippers we bought those few months. Last straw was when they chewed on daddy's church shoes which I might add, was supposedly out of reach.

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  1. the digital scraps are really good!

  2. Thanks. I do have to squeeze some creative juice which is tough for me coz' I have very little. hehehe. But there is a sense of satisfaction after doing it.
    You should try it.


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