Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Fun On My Blog and Christmas Stuff.

Hi people, I found some more interesting stuff for you to do on my blog. Scroll down on the right and you can increase your vocabulary with Word of the Day. Below that you will find Quotation of the Day. Last of all is something fun for all: Hangman! Hope you guys like it.

Christmas Announcement:
  1. If you have nowhere to go on Christmas Eve, you are welcome to join me, my family and friends for a BBQ Blast. We will be over at Taman Mayang (the very small park/playground behind Yuk Chai school). There will be food, games, christmas carols, Santa Claus and maybe a pinata. If you are interested, just leave a comment or email me (
  2. Thinking of attending church on Christmas Day but not sure which church to go to? You are more than welcome to come to mine. We start at 10am and are over at PJ State (# 2, Jalan 52/4, PJ. Corner lot right opposite Public Bank, next to the restaurant).
  3. Subang Parade has Christmas Craft Workshops and Performances for kids and adults. They have stuff like Snowman Wind Chime, Stocking Making, Bracelet Making, Christmas Floral Arrangement, Handkerchief Making etc.... There is a schedule of the programmes. I happen to have one that's why I am able to tell you about it. Sounds really interesting and something my kid might enjoy.
  4. Atria also have Christmas activities going on. Sorry I can't find their flyer. I'm sure all the shopping malls have something going on. Do share if you have some information. You know how kids are when they have nothing to do and are couped up in the house too long. Boing, boing, boing... there they go, bouncing off the walls again, driving everyone nuts.


  1. Hi Melissa,
    Sure you could come. Just get a plane ticket, holiday in Malaysia etc... Ya ya ya. Maybe you're on Santa's good girl's list. heheheeh.

  2. hahaha I wish it was that easy!


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