Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Many Ways to Get Your Child to Sleep

It's just my luck that my two kiddos turn out to be night owls just like their mom and dad. Their bedtime for the last few weeks has ended up being about 12am. It looked like tonight was not going to be any different. It's just amazing that they can last that long, exuberating so much energy without even a wink in the afternoon. This was tonight's affair:

Plan A: "It's 9:30pm now. Bedtime was suppose to be 9pm. Let's all go to the room and try to wind down ok?"
So we go through the motions of reading stories, prayers, hugs, goodnights, I-love-you and STRICT instructions that they are to stay in the room. WARNING = If you leave the room, you sleep outside in the hall.
RESULTS = Failed attempt.

Plan B: "You guys are suppose to sleep. No more playing and jumping around." WARNING = In 10 minutes I will check back again, if I see you guys playing, I will turn out the lights. (I usually keep the lights on coz' they don't like the lights off if Mom or Dad isn't there).
RESULTS = Failed attempt. I turned off the lights and the screaming and crying begins. The young boy decides he is going to sleep outside. The sister is distressed coz' that leaves her alone in the room and is not keen on sleeping outside the whole night.

Plan C: After a while I go turn the lights back on in the room for my girl. "How about some music?"
RESULTS = Failed attempt. Calms down the girl but she still ain't sleeping. In fact I found her flipping through a book. Boy is still running around the house.

Plan D: "Ok, I give in. Looks like you guys aren't going to sleep if I'm not in the room." I give my boy his precious "nen-nen" to suck. Usually that lulls him to sleep.
RESULTS = Failed attempt. Why my boy still so alert? My girl is happy Mom is around she starts jabbering away.

Plan E: "Let's all close our eyes and imagine we can see stars." Hopefully by closing their eyes, they might start to feel sleepy?
RESULTS = Failed attempt. My girl can see stars but it's not making her sleepy. In fact she is still jabbering away on what she can see with her imagination. My boy lasted 30 seconds with his eyes closed. He said he saw Honey Stars and then decided he was done keeping his eyes closed.

Plan F: "Hey, we better keep very still and quiet. If not the T-Rex might get us. Let's pretend we are hiding. Shhhhh!"
RESULTS = Success! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Now, I know some of you only need a Plan A. Me? I'm glad I didn't have to go through the entire alphabet. Obviously Plan F will be upgraded to Plan A. I just hope it still works tomorrow.


  1. Hahahha, putting the kids to sleep can be tricky, isn't it?!

    Me too. I can't put both my boys on the bed together. They just sit up and start playing, hugging, kissing each other. No, no. I put them to sleep in separate beds. Daddy handle one, I handle one. After praying, off the lights, say the goodnight with kisses. Hug them, and silence. No more talking... zzzzz.

    If times are good, it takes less than 5 minutes. Cool huh! This only can be done around 10.00-10.30 p.m., their sleeping time.. when they are drowsy. Keeping the same time everyday helps. Very important so that mummy and daddy get enough rest themselves ;)

  2. Ah lian, just to let you know u gave me very good direction (short cut, hehe!) to understand and educate my child, thanks a million. I'm always your silent reader, eventhough I seldom put a comment *I'm always here* Winkz!

  3. Hi Geetha,
    Wow, less than 5 minutes. I also can do, at about 12am lah. Hehehe. But it's great you guys got a routine down. That has always been my problem. Unfortunately my children are now in a wrong routine. Hehehe. But I know what you mean about the 2 cannot be together (rolling eyes).

    Hi Sebastian's Mommy,
    Ayoh, don't lah Ah Lian me. I not from Singapore. Heheheh. Thanks for your support and your comment. It's like an energy booster.

  4. Wow! Nice blog you have here sis ai lian! Man, these kids r growing up so fast. I imagine both Karina and Damus can speak a lot better now, which is the two-edged sword of child development I guess...

    Man, I miss making Christmas cookies... I remember doing that when I was a kid! Rolling them out, cutting em, decorating... and of course, chomping on them!

    I dunno whether I was as nocturnal as them at their age... gotta ask my mom. In any case, your blog makes me feel like having kids of my own! Hahaha... well, not that I want any right now...


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