Friday, December 02, 2005

A Monkey's Welcome

This cheeky monkey at the Malacca Zoo was very entertaining.

We found the Malacca Zoo to be better than the National Zoo. BUT don't go there on Friday's as they stop the shows and tram service for the Friday prayers. Also they are building new living quarters for the lions and tigers. The tigers are still around but somehow I missed the Lions. Anyway, below is a picture of King Julian from Madagascar. My daughter asked "Mommy, where is his crown?" Hahahah.

We were hoping there would be elephant rides but there weren't. Elephant and horse rides only available on weekends and public holidays. However Damus manage to get a different kind of ride. Thank goodness for cousins.

Well, it was a pretty good outing. Apart from just looking at the animals, Karina also got to practice her photography skills. She's getting better at focusing. Below is another picture of the cousins. They only get to see each other during school holidays. It's great they get along so well even though there is quite a bit of an age gap. By the way, Damus is the only boy in their generation. Rose among the thorns or thorn among the roses? Hmmm....

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  1. He's quite cheeky, isn't he? :-)
    Great pictures!


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