Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rookies at Christmas Cookies

How do you make Christmas meaningful for your children? My answer would be setting family traditions Unfortunately for me I don't come from a Christian background and therefore, family tradition would have to start with me, here, at my home. There is actually a list of things I would like to see happen:

1. Family and friends Christmas get-together.
2. Christmas countdown - Reading a Christmas story each day for 25 days to remember the true meaning of Christmas.
3. Gifts to families members must include at least one non-monetary gift. This idea was prompted by the following conversation with my daughter:

Mom: Karina, Christmas is about giving and not so much about what you get. So, what are you giving Mommy and Daddy this year?
Karina: Nothing. You have money so you buy your own present lah.
Mom: You don't need to buy our present. The present could be something you do for us.
Karina: Ummm....
Mom: How about sleeping at 9pm everyday. That would be a lovely present for Mommy and Daddy. Can you give us that?
Karina: (Looking at us like we are talking alien).

4. Service. Doing something for someone else as a family.
5. Making and giving Christmas cookies.

And so this year I thought I'd start the Christmas cookies AGAIN. Yes, I tried it a couple of years back and it was a disaster that I swore never to do it again. BUT I figured my children are now old enough to join in the fun, so here is our story.

The Rookie teaching Rookie Jr. how to use cookie cutters. Everything looks fine in this picture. The yelling only started later. Hehehe. But I repented and remembered that this wasn't about making perfect cookies. It's about bonding and making memories. *Trying to flick away the evil Mommy breathing down my neck*

That's how we do it. Now let daddy take a pix so we can remember this proud moment.
Ok, picture is taken now move aside so Mommy can finish the rest. JUST KIDDING.

Aiyoh, we had to throw away about half the cookies. First of all, I cut the first batch to thick. Didn't look like they were cooked even though the bottom was burnt. Cut the next batch thinner but still bottom black, top too white. I suspect the electric oven. Will try with my gas oven next time. But what about this batch?

Karina: Yum Mommy, very nice. You so clever lah Mommy.
Damus: Mommy, I want more cookie.
Mommy: You like it?!!! I love you guys so much.

Hmmm... who taught them to talk like that? Kids just know how to make Mommy melt, like chocolate in their hand.

Ok-lah, since you guys so clever to talk, I let you have fun decorating it.

Yes Damus, you can have fun too.
NOOOOOO! Don't put too much on one spot.

Oh no, mess everywhere.
Mommy needs to take a chill pill.

Way to go guys. It actually looks edible now. Yeah, cover up those burnt spots.
Report: Cookies were finished before the night was over. Phew!

This was today's effort. After many hours and now a back ache, this is what I have to show. Much better right? Like my good friend said, "It takes practice. I'd be surprise if you got it right the first time."

Karina: We are giving some to Aunty ah?
Mom: Yes, Christmas is about giving.


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  1. Nice way to spend time with the kids, isn't it?

    I also had a great amount of dark biscuits (*shy* to say, a bit 'burnt'). Didn't throw it though. Daddy ate it! Very supportive, he said it still tasted good ;)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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