Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby Milestone: 8 Months

I was soooo happy yesterday when I saw baby trying to stand unaided for the first time. He has been using the chairs to pull himself up and would enjoy himself standing up. BUT I really didn't expect him to let go. The video is actually his second attempt. His first attempt was only a few minutes before that. I quickly called DH down to catch this magic moment. This is one BIG advantage of working from home - you get to catch many of baby's FIRSTs.

Anyway, here is baby D's other 8 month milestones:
  • Just had a checkup at the clinic today. He is 9.6kg.
  • Still loves to chew on everything and anything. Here he is with some teething toys bought by his #1 fan, Sister Joyce from church. The one that looks like a Bee actually buzzes when you bite on it. Talk about gum massage. Hahahah. But his favourite is the one that looks like a hand. Thank goodness those aren't my real fingers. Imagine a shark on a feeding frenzy!
  • He has upgraded his crawling technique. No more army crawling. He is now up on his knees. He is still trying to get the hang of it, so he crawls fairly slowly this way. Of course I'm sure he will step on the gas and be speeding on 5th gear very soon.
  • He has been babbling "papa" for a few weeks now. DH wants to believe that baby is referring to him. I say baby is actually trying to say "pau pau", meaning please carry me (hehehe, this is mean Mommy trying to spoil Daddy's fun). Anyway, today he kept saying "mama". YAY! Mommy sooooo happy indeed. Of course, there is also the possibility he is actually saying "mum mum" meaning give me some food :)
  • Talking about food, this baby is also a snacker. He is okay with the main meals we prepare for him. But you should see his enthusiasm when he spots someone snacking (be it on bread, mooncake or sweets). Check out how he hunts and mauls his brother who just raided some chocolate from the fridge.

Well, hopefully the videos don't take too long to load. Do enjoy his antiques. So this is baby D at 8 months old.


  1. a&a'smom13 September, 2007 19:18

    Aiyoh, so funnylah! How can koko eat in front of him like that! Hehehe, so cutelah! I think 8 months r the best time as they r so fun & hillarious

  2. He's so cute.... and so 'wai sek', like a puppy, desperate to eat kor kor's chocolate.

  3. Hi L--that video is sooo precious and the fall---made me smile and remember my little one at that stage! Time is flying too fast, eh?

  4. must be happy to be able to catch that moment!

  5. hahaha.. i like the last video.. ur D's very steady man ... never give up ... look for the kor kor again for makan...

  6. Happy 8th Mth old. So good that can see the kids every growing length

  7. Chanelwong:
    Thanks for the wishes.

    Ya-lah, so fast hor.

    Koko didn't know he was going to get mauled. Hahaha.

    health freak mommy:
    I guess "wai sek" is better than the don't-want-to-eat attitude.

    Yah, your little one not so little anymore. But she is still making you smile.

    Mummy to qiqi:
    Even though he is the 3rd child, these moments still make me happy.

    anggie's journel:
    Yes, never give up attitude. Poor koko will have to fight for his food next time :)

    Yes, so happy to catch these moments. They only last a short time.


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