Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Teaching Kids About Safety

I was quite tickled the other day when Baby D tried to crawl after his siblings as they rushed out the door to go play outside. Thank goodness my daughter remembered to close the gate, or I'm sure he would have crawled out with them. I can already see the impatience in this little baby's eyes to do the things his siblings are doing. Oh no! Another 'Energizer battery' in the making.

Mamas tip:
1. When your child gets about 3+ years old, teach them how to lock/unlock the door. Their fingers and hands should be strong and skillful enough now to learn how to turn a key. Reason for this is not so they can flee like a refugee, but rather for emergency cases like you pengsan (faint) and they need to let the paramedics in :)
2. When they can open the door:
  • tell them when they are allowed to open it and to whom and for what.
  • teach them to close and lock it at all times (you'll hear yourself repeating this for a few years). Children are so innocent that they don't know how evil lurks out there. I keep reminding my children how open doors may just be an open invitation to unwelcome visitors. I tell them about the knives or guns these people might have and their intention to steal things or to harm us. Not that I want to scare them (well... maybe a little) but they need to learn that there are consequences to their actions.
3. Oh, and one more thing, make sure they know not to leave the keys in the keyhole or anywhere near the door after they lock it (this is if you have a grilled door).


  1. Lian, I only teach my gal to fetch the key out to people she can trust. Like u say, I am scared she would run away once she knows how to open it, hehe...

  2. Jeriel likes to rush to open the door...when he is excited. Usually we would remind him...Good thing for latch and grille..

  3. Yes my kids know how to open the door only when they are instructed to do so. Still too young for them to make their own decision.

  4. Hi L---thank you for these wonderful tips! My little one can use a key and open most doors, but only when instructed.

    Thanks again for the solid information (smile).

  5. Mummy.....why you never take him out also??? I can't wait to meet him so I can squeeeeeeeeeeze him all over :-)

  6. WOW Great tips and awesome Blog!

  7. Mummy to qiqi:
    It's a fact that kids like the outside more than they like the 4 walls. Yes, must teach them who they can trust -- definitely not strangers that offer them sweets and presents.

    I think only in Asian countries we have grilled doors?

    I also have to drill into my kids' heads that they do not go out until they get our permission.

    Your little girl is so smart and you're a great daddy. I'm sure you don't have much problems with her.

    Big Pumpkin:
    Yes, got take him out also. But sometimes it's still so hot outside leh. My other two kids don't know what is the meaning of HOT sun.
    Eh, you squeeeeeeeeze him now, he might not like you. Big boy already know how to be selective in the people he likes.

    You're welcome.

    Thanks for the tag :)

    Your blog is not bad too ;)

  8. a&a'smom09 September, 2007 22:14

    Hehehe, look at that cute so longing look face-just priceless!!


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