Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Inherited Naughtiness

(Pix is DS1 caught playing with powder a few years back)

Often I get mad with my kids' foolish decisions, loud and unceasing chatter, and boundless energy. But you know what, I think compared to me as a kid, they are indeed better in many ways.

My brother came over one night and started to relate some of the 'naughty' things I did as a kid. He reminisced about the time I lashed out my anger by throwing down the many pewter trophies on the shelf. He says, “why do you think we have so many dented pewters?”

I also remember slamming my mother's bedroom door many times whenever she scolded me. The louder the better. That habit came to a complete stop when my father decided to give me a good whipping for showing such disrespect. That was the only canning I ever had. That was the only canning I ever needed.

Another “naughty” memory was the time I pulled out all my mother's clothes from the cupboard and just heaped them into one big pile on the floor. I was angry at her for something and figured it was a good way to get back. Yes, revenge was boiling in my blood.

And here is another story often recounted by my brother -- my foolish act of jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool and almost drowning. My brothers were doing it and I thought why not join in the fun. Thank goodness my brother spotted me and pulled me out.

I was a chatter box too. Aunties and uncles would entice me with monetary rewards to get me to be quiet for 5 minutes. Embarrassed to say, I never did successfully earn those rewards.

My DH is no saint either. He has 'horror' stories tucked away under the carpet too. Pulling his cousin sister's hair and dragging her across the room is one of them. His tally of canning sessions greatly exceeds mine. Sorry I can't write too much about DH's naughtiness. It is under the X-files folder :) BUT it does exist.

After my brother's little visit, DH is quick to remind me where my children inherits their negative traits. I, of course, say he has a part in it too.

Mamas tip
When the kids get a little out of hand and you are going berserk, try to remember that you once was someone's headache too.

So, what are some “naughty” traits your children have inherited from you?


  1. That's a good reminder before we got angry with the kids. Thanks.

  2. wah... u were so notti one... kekeke... my child inherited bad temper from DH and easy to get geram.
    BTW, I'm one of your silent reader and I got something for you... thanks for sharing all your tips and advise as a parent.

  3. Hi L--yeow, you were pretty naughty little girl! I think I did many naughty things to, but my mother never really knew what to do to change that.

    I've learned from that (smile)!

  4. My girl still young only 13 months. So I do not know what naughty traits she has inherit from me. But DH said she got hot tempered like me hehe.

  5. hi Lian...go n receive your award...

  6. mamatang:
    You're welcome. My brother unknowingly did me a good favor by reminding me.

    Ya-lah, hate to say it but I guess I was pretty notti. Thanks for the award.

    Hey, your mom didn't do anything and yet you still turned out to be a wonderful person. I guess there is much hope for us then. Hahahah.

    I'm sure she will be showing you soon. Get ready!

    Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

  7. Oh man, I see so much of me in my daughter it scares me sometimes. Now I can understand why my mom got so exasperated with me. Good thing is, I'm learning from the bad experience I've had with my mom and making it work for my daughter and me. I hope to be able to keep an open relationship with my children and they will grow up being comfortable enough to confide with their parents about anything.

  8. aiyo, way too many liao lor. cannot mentioned everything here cause most of them can make mothers go crazy wan. but let's just say that I am waiting for that karma thing to happen. hope my kids won't do such horrid things to me as I have done to my parents. *eek*

  9. You sure were one naughty kid. I think if I had done what u did, esp throwing my mom's clothes out, most likely I'd have been thrown out of the house too by my mom... LOL!

  10. Min:
    That is so important -- that they can confide in us.

    My DH thinks we are already facing our "pay-back" time :(
    Good luck to you.

    Health Freak Mommy:
    You know what amazes me now? I wasn't thrown out of the house, and wasn't even made to put it all back. Canning also don't have. She cleaned up the mess I made. But scolding got lah.


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