Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Baby Milestone: 11 Months

Tomorrow is baby's FIRST birthday and I realized I hadn't done his 11 month milestone. So, here it is before I do his birthday scrap.

December was an exciting time as we eagerly awaited for Christmas to arrive. The Christmas tree was up and baby busied himself pulling off the round ornaments. So, what are some tips to stop baby from pulling down the whole tree?
  • Don't put up a tree
  • Put up the tree but put the ornaments up high where baby can't reach them.
  • Constantly watch baby and hold his hand firmly whenever he reaches for an ornament. Firmly say "NO" and teach him to give it to you.
  • Confine baby to the "dungeon" - that's what we call the baby cot/fenced up play area.
This baby is different from his siblings. His siblings cried the first time they saw Santa Claus. Baby showed no fear. Well for now that is. Don't know how he'll be next year.

He has already learned how telephones work. Whenever he hears the phone ring, he puts his hand to his ear (imitating how we put the phone to our ear). This one time we were at the supermarket and our handphone rang. We didn't hear it coz' it's quite noisy. But baby alerted as coz' he put his hand to his ear.

He plays with books more than he plays with toys. He loves to sit with a book and flip its pages. Will still bite the books once in a while.

Loves to go into the kitchen. He comes running especially when someone opens the fridge door.

He also loves to look out the back gate to see the children playing at the back court. You just know he longs to go out and run like them.

Trauma for the month:
We were busy getting ready to go out. He was playing with the front grill door. He then slammed it on his thumb. It got all red (bleeding inside) and he screamed and cried. But his pain tolerance must be quite high, coz’ he didn’t cry long. After that it didn’t even seem to bother him much. The nail eventually fell off.
Mamas Bag of Tricks:
Don't let your child play with the door. Obvious parenting tip but accidents do happen, especially when you are busy and not watching.


  1. oh dear .... poor lil finger boy also like to play with the door and grill .. must be very k ful ...
    ( that lil finger, make me feel pain)
    hope the nail will grow back soon ..

  2. OMG, the photo did scare me. Please be extra careful!!



    SO SCARRY!!!

    Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

  4. oh no....Lian, that hurts so much...Poor baby...he must cried his lung out!!!!!!!!

  5. a&a'smom11 January, 2008 16:00

    OMG, the poor bb!


  6. anggie's journel:
    The nail has already started to grow back.

    vickylow, sasha:
    Hahaha. He has grossed out many people. Especially when he started to play with the about-to-drop nail.

    mummy to qiqi:
    He did scream very, very loud. But he is such a good baby. After that 5 minute crying, he didn't even bother with his injured finger. If it were me, I would manja every 2 minutes.

    Mommy also very heartsick.
    Thanks for the birthday wish.

  7. Wah! scary and painful to look at the nail torn away from the little finger! and mummy still got time to snap the picture??!! as for me i think i will rush to get the antiseptic and medicine and bandage the finger in no time! Otherwise my girl will act like you said keep on manja for every 2 minutes to see the finger again! :)

  8. oh no!! least the nail is growing back....:)

  9. peridot&sapphire:
    The nail didn't come off right away. It turned purple, and then only about 1 week later it started to drop off. I'm not that crazy to take pictures while my kid is screaming in pain. Hahahah.

    Not only scary, very gross too :)

  10. OMG, that looks very painful. This was exactly what happened to Sherilyn 2 years ago... and the x-ray showed that the bone inside her thumb had chipped. The nail also dropped off after a few weeks. Thank God, her thumb looks perfectly normal now.


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