Friday, January 25, 2008

How To Make A Pinata

I did this snowman pinata last Christmas. Thought I'd better post it before I forget. Pinatas are a wonderful activity to add to any children's party. Don't have to buy expensive ones at a party shop. You can make your own with just a balloon, paper mache and some decorations.

Just in case you are wondering what in the world is a pinata, its a "container" filled with candy and/or small toys. It hangs in the air as children, blindfolded, try to hit it with a stick to break it.
As the candy and toys fall, everyone rushes to grab it. Very fun.

I've taken pictures so you can see how I made it. A word of caution -- it can be a bit messy. Be ready to get your hands sticky.

1. I blew up two balloons and stuck them together. One balloon for the snowman's head and the other for the body. Find a container like a pail or pot to hold the balloon while you work.
2. Tear strips of newspaper about 1-2 inches wide. Don't have to use scissors or blade to cut the paper. Tearing them with your hands is good and better (I read that somewhere).
3. For glue, I just used corn starch and water. You could also use normal flour. Start with 2 cups flour, 1 cup lukewarm water. I used an old ice cream tub to hold the glue.
4. One strip at a time, dip into the glue and then layer it on the balloon. You could use a paint brush I guess, if you don't want to get your hands dirty.

5. Do one layer horizontal, and the other layer vertical. Overlap the strips until you cover the whole balloon.
6. After 2 layers, let it dry.

7. The last layer I used white paper because then it is easier to decorate it. You could use white mahjong paper or normal white paper.
8. Don't put too many layers coz' then it will be difficult to break the pinata. About 3 layers is good.

9. After everything dries, use a pin and pop the balloon inside.
10. Cut an opening near the top with a blade and put whatever candy you want inside. I don't recommend wafers, biscuits or whatever that can be beaten to crumbs. Remember, children (and adults) will be whacking at this thing. You don't want crumbs to be falling out. Any hard or wrapped candy is good.
11. Just seal back the opening with clear tape.
12. Poke two holes at the top about 3 inches apart. I used a drill but you could use anything to make a hole e.g. crochet needle, screwdriver. Put a string through it so you can hang the pinata. Make sure the string is strong enough and will not break. After you put candy into a pinata, it can be quite heavy.
13. Decorate the pinata according to your creativity.

You want something really simple, just use one big balloon. Use crepe paper to make it colorful.
Hope I've covered enough for you to try making your own. If you do have a go at it, I would so love to see what you did. So don't forget to show me yours okay?

  • Don't really have to blindfold the children. Some of them have trouble as it is trying to crack the pinata with their eyes wide open :)
  • If you can't hang it from a beam in the ceiling, hang it at the end of a long stick. Have the person holding the stick stand on a chair or something. Make sure the stick is long enough so the poor guy holding the pinata don't get accidently whacked. Also, make sure you find someone with strong arms.
  • Baseball bats are good for hitting a pinata.


  1. haha cute one, maybe you can do a "Choy Sen" for CNY too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. tx for the tips. might do this for the girls' nx bday. something for a change of a musical chair!

  3. well done... another green project from the house...

  4. Wah Lian u veli creative and thriftylah. will make one for my Juliana 4 yr old birthday this June 10. Plan to stuff it with paper wrapped marshmellow sweets, mini erasers and stickers instead of making party packs. TQ for sharing this idea.


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