Friday, January 18, 2008

Permanent Tooth Sprouting

Last week, K opened her mouth and showed another tooth growing behind her bottom front incissor. YIKES! Permanent tooth already coming up and milk tooth not yet drop. What to do? What to do? My brother who came over for baby D's birthday "makan" said, with his daughter, the dentist told him it was normal. Nothing to worry about. But to be on the safe side, I asked my dear good e-friend Sheela to enquire from her dentist husband, if I would need to visit the dentist. The answer "YES". So off to the dentist we went, FOR THE FIRST TIME!
Came back and this is what she look like.
What a bloody affair. Scary or not????
Actually ah, no pain. I say she was a very brave girl even though she said she was scared when sitting on the dentist chair. So scared until she don't know how to answer the dentist. Dentist asked "how many times you brush your teeth", she answered "don't know!". Dentist asked "where do you go to school?", she answered "Shah Alam 2". Actually her school is in Puncak Alam, not Shah Alam 2. Mommy also feel a bit scared, sitting down and watching her. I thought she might have felt some pain during the injection or after the anasthetic wear off, but final verdict... "NO PAIN MOMMY!"
She not only pulled one tooth, but two because the permanent tooth is quite big! Dentist was going to pull only one and said to come back next week to pull another. But I figured, she is already numbed and already on the dentist chair. Might as well pull another and spare her the fear of coming back again. I know if it was me, I wouldn't want to have that hanging over my head the entire week.
This is her smiling face "before"

This is her smiling face "after"

If you have a child that thinks it's painful to go to the dentist, show them what this Jie-Jie do after she come back. Seeeeee.... no pain. Can still play computer game. No pain itelyu.

Damus also had a check up. Dentist knocked his front tooth a bit to see if it was painful (coz' he fell down a few years back and injured it). He came back home and told his daddy that the dentist "whacked" his tooth. Aiyo! Anyway, I thought this was a funny picture. His jie-jie is trying to open his eye, coz' they get very small when he smiles. Don't he look like an evil Jekyll?

p.s. Talking about dentist, here's a little story about myself. When I was younger, my mother drove me to the dentist but I absolutely refused to get down from the car. I practically hung on to the car for dear life. But then I have very good reason -- that scary, evil nurse/dentist in primary school had scarred me for life. The horror of watching classmates return from her clinic with bloody gauzes hanging from their mouths (shudder).


  1. Funny I just blogged about this on my Mothering Times blog. You can check out the links there. In our case we didn't extract, just waited till they dropped out but it took a looooong time before it came off.

  2. hehehe...I was just wondering the other day whether my girl would dare to go to the dentist or not...:)

  3. a&a'smom19 January, 2008 23:04

    Oh good that K didnt have a traumatic experience at the Dentist. My DH always advice to bring ur kids for a normal routine check up every six months. Most of his patients will only bring their kids when there is a painful cavity & thus they associate Dentist with pain.

  4. Lian the anasthetic is spray type or jab one??

  5. who really likes to go to the dentist? So to go through that, kudos to her (smile)!

  6. mumsgather:
    Yes, you are right. To pull or not depends on which dentist you visit.

    Don't make it a choice coz' their answer will definitely be NO! Hahahah.

    That's right! Like how I associate dentist with pain :)

    He first rubbed something cold on her gums and then gave a jab. My girl say the jab didn't hurt coz' the cold already numbed her gums.

    Definitely not me.

  7. your girl really brave, i don't think my boy can as brave as your girl.


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