Friday, January 04, 2008

Starting School - Part 2

Yesterday's first day of school was deemed "boring" by K. Well, today she had a bit of "stress" (including mommy).

Had a phone call about 12:30pm today saying Karina had missed her school van and was crying. So faster than a speeding bullet, mommy rushed over to look for her. As I pulled into the carpark, I saw the van just leaving the school. The 'pakcik' said he couldn't find my dear K. I look at all the children around the gate and didn't see her. So I went inside the school, to the school office and the teacher's room and no sign of her. Went outside again and finally, saw the back of a little girl in her baju kurung uniform standing in the sun. With tear stained eyes, she hugged mommy tight-tight.

Don't know how this little girl couldn't locate her school van. Plus I believe the poor 'pakcik' couldn't recognize her because wearing baju kurung, she looked like all the rest of the Malay girls. Even I missed her the first time round. Thank goodness I made her memorize the house phone number. Also repeatedly drilled her on what to do in case such an incident were to happen - go to the school office and call home or locate your teacher. Thank goodness all that preparation helped. Other things taught were not to follow strangers e.g. don't trust anyone who comes up to you and say "your mom asked me to pick you up" or "the pakcik asked me to come get you."

Another lesson for today was regarding pocket money. She told me she had given her friend RM2 to go buy chicken nuggets for her. Her friend gave her back RM1. In her little mind, all is fine and dandy. Afterall, her friend did give her back some money. Well, all would have been well if it were not for the fact:
  1. I cooked her chicken nuggets to take to school, so why in the world is she still buying chicken nuggets??????
  2. She didn't eat the chicken nuggets that were bought, her friend ate it all. So, in other words, she 'belanja' the friend a meal lah.
  3. She didn't finish eating the chicken nuggets in her lunch box.
  4. Her friend didn't ask for the money, she voluntarily gave the money to her friend.

Asked her why? I get the famous answer "don't know!" Sigh! Okay, pocket money is now slashed from RM1.50 to 60 cents. Sigh!

Mamas Bag of Tricks

  1. Repeatedly drill your children on safety procedures. Tell 101 times also nevermind.
  2. Make sure they know how to contact you. Either memorize or write down phone numbers and address.
  3. Don't forget to assure them if anything goes wrong, you will come and get them. So it is NOT a big catastrophe. Mommy/daddy WILL COME for them.
  4. Don't simply give money to your friends. Mommy/daddy not rich you know!

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  1. Keep writing Lian. I'm going to be back next year to reread all this. Hehe.


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