Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Answer Is...

AUSTRALIAN CUSTARD APPLE!My mom brought it over on Sunday. It was from her tree. Previously she had given us a tree but we have yet to see any fruits. Since we all didn't know what the fruit looked like or what it tasted like, she brought it over for us to try. As you can see from K's expression, it's "yum yum".
I have saved the seeds. Anybody want to try growing it? Let me know and I'll germinate it first. Then we can meet up somewhere.
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  1. Lian, is this also called as "Ang mor Durian" ?

  2. Mummy to qiqi:
    No, "ang mor durian" is soursop. This is not soursop. It is a custard apple or what malays call "buah nona". But it is not the normal nona we eat. This one is bigger and the flesh is very smooth.

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