Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What Fruit Is This?

The Outside
(From green, it turns yellow when ripe)

The Inside

Let's see who knows what fruit this is?


  1. a&a'smom01 April, 2008 11:39

    It looks a bit like soursop but not exactly!

  2. yalor...look like soursop...taste dont know..
    what is it?

  3. Ya, the inside looks like soursop but it's not soursop. This has much more smoother texture and sweet. Keep guessing.

  4. its a mixture between Hong Mou Lai Ci (forgot the english name) and soursop! We used to have this tree until my grandma decided to shop it off for no reason.

    I manage to eat Once only..very nice..

  5. Yup, looks like a cross between hoong moa lai ci and soursop. I'm curious to know what it is!

  6. We used to have this tree in my grandmas old house too. I can't remember the name but your pic made my mouth water liao. It has a sweet and unique taste.

  7. eh so apa nama this fruit?

  8. I eat this fruit before, my SIL place got plant this fruits, really nice, sweet .. i love it, but very hard to get and buy outside. But duno what's the name la.. just know how to eat ... LOL


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