Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Huggies Cleanteam

Have you heard? The Huggies Cleanteam is hitting the streets. Yup, not the "A-team" but the "Cleanteam." Their mission is to help parents establish good hygiene in children.

What exactly is the Huggies Cleanteam?
They are a bunch of cartoon characters each representing a specific cleaning product.
  • Daphne Dolphin - untangles hair
  • Sammy Snake - extra conditioning shampoo
  • Henry Hippo - hand soap (with lights that blink!)
  • Freddy Flamingo - flushable moist wipes
  • Billy Bison - bath wash
  • Wally Whale - disposable wash cloth
  • Carley Crab - cleansing cloth

These characters work together as a team. Watch the video and you'll know what I'm talking about. The idea is to make washing up look like fun.

If this is the Cleanteam, then my DH is the General. With regards to cleanliness, he and I have opposite upbringing. His mom is a clean freak (hate to say but it's true). Curtains are washed every week, floor is swept and mopped everyday, entire house is spick and span with not a sign of dust. My mom? Well, she's not a slob but cleanliness was not pressed upon us hardcore. Floor was mopped once, maybe twice a week. Dust is not an uncommon sight. She would do occasional spring cleanings. Her time was mostly spend out of the house anyway.

Currently in our home, DH demands a crumbless floor and strongly advocates a dustless environment. Kids have their orders to wash legs and hands immediately after playing outside. DH's attitude has instilled in the children that cleanliness is important. KokoD hates having his hands dirty. Every instance of slightly dirty hands, he runs to the sink. When he is sticky, he takes a bath himself. We do not have to call him. Even babyD has picked up a clean habit - he always asks for the toothbrush when we bath.

As for me? I'm still striving to live up to my DH clean standards. I still wait for mildew to appear before I start washing the bathroom walls. There has to be visible dirt on the fans before I clean them. Curtains are washed maybe once a year. BUT I do sweep and mop the floor everyday :)

Mamas Bag of Tricks:

  • Teaching cleanliness to children begins with the parents attitude and the state of the home.

Note to DH:
Thank you General. Even though you do stress us out once in a while with your clean freakiness, you do help keep us in line.


  1. Hello Lian, was at Jabishah's place noticed you and your kids profile pic.
    Wow! You a top golfer too. I love to watch golf on TV, when they have the Masters...but don't play, ha ha.
    What was your handicapp?
    I guess your time vs my time of bringing up kids very different.
    Our time was flying by the seats of our pants so to speak.
    We ate anything, and everything...and no TV to educate us then.
    Those days was just hand me downs knowledge from grandmothers etc...ha ha.
    Love your blog, Lian and you sure have beautiful kids.
    You stay easy and have a nice day, Lee.

  2. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for dropping by. I never like to watch golf. I would rather be playing. But I haven't played in a looooong time. I used to have a handicap of 1.
    Yes, kids these days are a different breed altogether. The environment they are in is more dangerous, complicated, and advanced. Parents have to be more vigilant.
    Thanks for the compliment. I think they are beautiful too :)

  3. a&a'smom22 April, 2008 12:03

    I think me & ur DH will get along well! Say hello to another neat freak, LOL!

  4. I think its great that the cleanliness is instil from young. Especially with all the HFM these days.


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