Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Gifts For Kids

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Getting Christmas gifts for my kids is always a breeze. They make sure I know what they want. Of course they don't always get everything they ask for. Their first choice is usually off our budget. For example, kokoD wants a Transformer toy. A good one is quite costly. There's always the cheaper ones but they look really cheapo and probably won't last very long.

There's really not much surprise when it comes to my kids Christmas gifts. When I go shopping, they are usually there with me pointing out what they want. They see what I put in the cart. This year, my daughter wrapped the presents, including her own. So much for surprise. Hahah. She chose a train set, KokoD1 selected a Ninja set and KokoD2 got a car garage set. To them these are cool kids toys. We don't buy a lot of toys for them throughout the year. So we don't mind giving them a "treat" during Christmas. However, we normally don't go over RM50 per toy.

Even though my kids already know what their Christmas gifts are, they are still enthusiastic about it. The big problem now is they can't wait to play with them.

I still like the idea of giving them a surprise, so I find opportunities to get little gifts they don't know about. These are less expensive stuff but things they enjoy and like nonetheless, such as wallets, pencil cases, girly accessories, pocket games etc....

The last few years we've bought candy for their Christmas stockings. This year we are staying clear of candy. They've been having a bit too much these days. Even if we don't buy for them, they will get it from aunties, grandma and grandpa. So, NO CANDIES this year. Instead we are putting stationary like colored pens, erasers, rulers etc....

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