Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simple Box Pinata

Once again I made a pinata for my Church Christmas party. However, it has been raining and so making a paper mache pinata was out of the question. My clothes has been taking days to dry, what more paper mache. I remember reading how someone made a box pinata. So I decided to give that a try. It seemed fairly easy and less of a hassle than the paper mache one. So, here it is:

This is my Santa Claus pinata

Made another one for the Single Adults Christmas party. Just used crepe paper on this one.

Making this pinata was really easy. Just recycle a cereal box and decorate it however you like. For the Santa pinata, I first wrapped the box with some black paper I had handy. Then I took a piece of white paper and drew some eyes. I wanted a 3D effect so I wrapped some cotton with paper to make the nose. Then glued on some cotton to make the moustache. Cut out circles to make Santa's beard. Used some more cotton and red paper for his hat. Poked 2 holes on the sides and inserted a string so the pinata could hang. Children may find it difficult to break open this kind of pinata. So, here is a tip:
  • When you make the pinata, turn the cereal box upside down. That means the top of the cereal box is at the bottom. Don't cover it with paper. Don't put too much celophane tape either. You want it sealed enough to hold the candy but not so strong that the children can't whack it open.

This is my daughter having a good whack at the Santa pinata.

I didn't do much with my box pinata. I was looking for something easy and fast. You can always be creative and make the pinata look like a horse, star, castle or something interesting. It's a fun project to do with children and they'll love it during a party.

Note: Click here to see how I made a Snowman paper mache pinata.
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  1. very nice. merry christmas!!

  2. So glad to see a cereal box pinata work so well for someone else too! Thanks for stopping by my site. Hope you had a really wonderful Christmas.

  3. twin:
    Merry Christmas to you too.

    Aaah, that's where I read about the cereal box pinata. It was over at your blog. Now I remember! Okay everybody, say thanks to Sarah@The Pumpkin Patch for the wonderful idea.

  4. thanks for sharing this...those pinatas are so expensive in Toy R Us, after all they are meant to be whacked open, no need to spend so much on it hor...

  5. Mummy to QiQi:
    Yup. And the kids don't really care what the pinata looks like. They just want the goodies inside. Hahaha.


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