Saturday, December 12, 2009

Online Shop Malaysia For Babies And Children

Do you do much online shopping? I know some of you are still apprehensive about it. I too think many times before I decide to purchase something online. However, with 4 kids it is the better option for me. It can be madness and highly stressful trying to shop with that many kids in tow. I found it especially helpful when I was in confinement and wanted to get a car seat for baby. Thank goodness Little Whiz was having a car seat sale at that time. Even then, I was in 2 minds about it: "Buy? Don't buy?" I was afraid I would not choose a good one because I couldn't physically inspect it. I spent some time doing a little research, scouting the net to hear what people were recommending. Then I also had to think about my budget restraints. Also wanted to know if it really was a good deal or not.

In the end, I decided to go ahead and made the purchase. Was really glad to know that shipping was free. Item arrived not many days after in good condition. Baby loves the car seat, thank goodness. It acts as a rocker too. I just wish it could be reclined.

This is 2 week old baby in the car seat. It's a Halford. It wasn't inclined enough so I put a lampin behind her neck for more support.

This is 2 month old baby. She's grown into the seat, so it fits her better now. She sleeps longer in the car seat then if I were to put her lying down on a mattress.

Little Whiz is a good place to shop if you're looking for baby and children stuff. They've got lots of stuff like baby furniture and bedding, baby slings, books, cds, dvds, toys, strollers, car seats, breast pumps, nursing accessories, toilet training and diapering stuff, skin care for baby and home safety products. They've also got stuff for pregnant mothers. Check them out to see their vast collection.

I notice they've got regular promotions. Their prices are not too bad. If you need to get baby stuff or want to get a gift for someone's children, do give this retailer a try. Click on the banner below and rate them yourself.

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  1. Baby is getting cuter by the day. Her eyes are really HUGE. She's going to be one pretty girl when she grows up. I wonder how you cope with 4 kids, no maid, a blog and an online store!

  2. Health Freak Mommy:
    Thanks for the compliments. Coping with 4 kids is not too bad. The older 2 can pretty much take care of themselves now. Plus, they help with the younger two.

  3. hi, the car seat u mentioned is baby car carrier of really a car seat ?

  4. Hi Siew Mei,
    It's a car seat. You can fasten it with a seat belt. Rear facing.


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