Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Baby is 2 Months Old


This baby is getting big too fast. She's no longer the tiny baby I brought home from the hospital 2 1/2 months ago. I remember when I had my first baby, time seemed to pass by so slowly.  But with this baby, time seems to be flying by like a jet plane.

Baby's last weigh in was at 5.3kg. She's put on 1kg every month. She's not a ferocious eater, unlike her brother kokoD2. Still has a bit of reflux but I believe the condition is improving. She doesn't throw up milk as often. But she does get  painful attacks once in a while. She would be calm as a summer breeze one minute and then suddenly break out into frightening screams. Her face will turn red and she cries until her breath runs out. Thank goodness it doesn't go on for hours. To calm her down I have to carry her upright. I still have the Sleepy Wrap and it's been very helpful. It makes carrying her upright less strenuous and she falls asleep fairly quick when I use it. Sucking on the breast doesn't help when she's feeling uncomfortable. You'd think that "nen-nen" was the answer to everything. Not with this baby. Sometimes I give her the breast, thinking it would help calm her down. What I get is "scolding" from the baby. Yes, this 2 month old baby knows how to "scold". And if I still insist, she bites me. Ouch!

We're still doing our "fart exercises". She enjoys it when we move her legs up to her stomach and down. I  laugh every time she farts coz' she'll give a smile of satisfaction. It's like she's saying "Aaaaah, all is well now."

Even after 3 kids, it's still amazing to me how babies learn. I can see conditioning taking place. For example, when I place her on the changing mat before her bath, she calms down. It's like she knows we are getting ready to bathe, so she just waits there. Also, one night she was a bit fidgety. I tried carrying her to put her to sleep but it wasn't really working. I put her on the mattress next to my computer. She was still fidgety. I then took her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. She fell asleep by herself. She's learned that that particular bed means sleep time. 

Her hair is getting longer and standing up more. Her full head of black hair grabs people's attention wherever we go: restaurants, hawker stalls, the market, shops. The standard comment we get is "wah, she got a lot of hair ah?"

At 2 months, she's started to coo. She likes people to talk to her and now, she kinda talks balk. She's got lots of expression now, unlike last month. No more expression-less face. Her smile brightens everyone's day and can melt away her father's bad mood.

Babywearing is awesome. To me, investing in a good sling is better than getting a stroller. Most of the time, I see parents pushing the stroller while carrying the baby. The baby stroller ends up like a cart to store bags and stuff. A sling takes up less place. A stroller takes up almost the whole car boot (trunk). Plus, I think when baby keeps sitting in a stroller, they become lazy to walk. I don't know, that is just my opinion.


  1. happy 2 month to ur princess ... she is so cute ... BTW, i saw u in Women's Weekly Magazine ... u look awesome with ur lil boy !!! ... congrat ya ...

  2. love baby-wearing too and i do wish sometimes that my kids were babies so that I can carry them with a sling :)

  3. Happy 2nd months old...sooo cute..

  4. congrats ... a new baby. they all grow too quick. sure miss my kids when they were babies. :)

  5. Totally agree with you.. how time flies. Same here with me.. I guess when we have more than one child to look after, we don't see how time flies :)
    Cute pictures..

  6. She looks older than 2 months. :)

  7. Yes, time sure flies fast. I came to see if you've given birth already, and was surprised to see that baby is 2 months + old already. Congrats! Hope not too late for that.

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