Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Is 13 Months Old

Finally, baby is walking! Well, kinda walking. She is still very wobbly and is still crawling a lot. Anyway, she so very badly wants to go out of the house like her brothers. So, I quickly went over to Econsave to get her a pair of shoes. Not the best baby walking shoes, but good enough to let her venture out.

Koko, I want to follow you

Yay! Independence. Well, semi-independence.

Now we need to go out there, into the big wide world.

Speech update:
Everything is "papa". Papa means daddy, mommy, koko, jie-jie, pick me up, give me that, give me a drink etc.... Once in a while, there is something other than "papa". Sometimes it is "peh peh". Recently I think she says "what's this" and "give". Maybe it's just my imagination interpreting her babble as such. One thing is for sure, she's got a loud voice. Can't really blame her. Her siblings all shout at home. I'm also shouting a lot at home (guilty face). Guess she thinks that's how she's suppose to talk.

Her favorite objects:
  • Pencil. Yea, I know you're probably saying that it is unsafe to give baby a pencil. It'll poke her eye out and poke everybody else's eye out too. But she is really a fiesty one. If she gets hold of something she wants, she will have an iron grip on it. But you know what? She wants a pencil because she wants to make marks on a paper. Again, the power of example. She does it because she is following what her siblings do - writing and drawing on paper.
  • Books. She likes to turn the pages.
  • Paper. Yup, she still likes to tear and eat paper.
  • Straw and spoon. The best way to keep her occupied when we go out to eat.
  • Handphone. Please don't call me. SMS me. Every time the phone rings, she wants it. Hence the reason why I can't hear you coz' there's a screaming baby next to me.
Mamas Parenting Tip
  • Don't snatch things away from baby. Instead, gently ask her to give it to you. And use the word "please". Now every time baby picks up some rubbish on the floor, she will give it to us. Once in a while it goes into her mouth but more often than not, she will give it to us. Recently, we saw her pick up stuff and put it in the waste paper basket too. Thumbs up for baby!
  • Label the things you are doing e.g. open, close, kick, put back etc.... Talk to your baby all the time. It will help build their language skills.
  • No, it's not time for Barney, Maisy Mouse, or whatever TV character to be their babysitter yet.

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