Friday, October 22, 2010

The Top Halloween Costumes for Babies

A Look at the Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2010

So Halloween is just around the corner! It’s nearly time to have your little ones all dressed up and ready to search for candy. Halloween can be a fun time for children because they can dress up as their favorite characters from TV and the movies; however there is always the question of how to dress your baby for Halloween.

As babies are very small and are obviously unable to support themselves in terms of deciding on a Halloween costume, it is your responsibility as a parent to choose the right baby gear this Halloween. Let’s take a look at some of the top Halloween costumes for babies this year to give you a reference point for your own costume search.

1. Pea in the Pod
A classic costume for your babies is the pea in a pod outfit. Designed to allow the baby to sit inside the costume with only their face and arms exposed, this is an ideal costume for babies living in colder climates as it will work to keep them warm and toasty. As this costume essentially places your baby in a pouch, you will find that your child is much easier to carry as a result of using this costume.

2. Baby Lobster Halloween Costume
Boasting a similar design to the pea in the pod costume, the baby lobster Halloween costume will allow your child to have their hands and face free. Once again your baby will be warm and snug in this cute outfit, but rest assured you’ll never find a cuter lobster! This costume is very festive if you live in a tropical climate or you are having a tropical themed Halloween party.

3. Horton the Elephant from Dr. Seuss
This costume will allow your child more freedom in their limbs, as their legs and arms are able to move freely. This Halloween costume also comes with a hat which is shaped into the head of Horton the Elephant, so as a parent you do not have to worry about your baby suffocating in a mask.

4. Chili Pepper Baby Costume
Similar in design to the pea in the pod and the baby lobster costume, this outfit presents your baby as a delicious vegetable. If you are a chef, vegetarian or simply want to add a splash of red to your Halloween this costume is for your baby!

Well there you go; you now have great costumes ideas for your baby. Hopefully you are able to find the costume you want before the big night! Trick or Treat!

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