Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is There A Way To Get Rid Of Pink Eyes Fast?

I've been looking for a way to get rid of pink eyes (sore eyes or conjunctivitis) fast. And you know what? There is no quick cure. I looked online. Some people say wipe the eyes with honey water. Didn't work. Some said use breastmilk. Tried it and didn't work. Some even recommended lemon juice. Errr... I'm not that crazy. I would think lemon juice would hurt your eyes rather than heal it.

It's been one week since I got pink eyes . My girl got it first and she passed it to the rest of us (the other 3 kids and me). However, baby and me seem to have it really bad. The other 2 boys seem to be recovering already. Doctor said it'll probably be another week for me.

Conclusion: It is really tough to get rid of pink eyes caused by bacterial infection. Even the eye doctor said it is getting tougher to treat them.

Best solution: Go to the eye doctor early and get proper medication. Don't be like me and try to treat it yourself with home remedies and then let it get real bad.
The best thing is... Don't get them in the first place.

Best practices:
  • Wash your hands constantly. REALLY! Wash them every hour. Wash them before and after you administer medication. Make everybody in your household wash their hands too. If you're not making more than 10 trips to the sink, you're not washing your hands enough. I thought I was making an effort to wash my hands BUT obviously not enough coz' it spread to almost everyone. Put a timer if you must. March everyone to the bathroom to wash their hands every hour.
  • Constantly wash the towels and pillow cases. Boo hoo. More laundry.
  • DON'T TOUCH THE EYES. Wash hands if you do.
This is my poor baby with her swollen eyes. I was really worried yesterday when I saw blood dripping from her eyes. Well, it was more like red tears. My DH was calmly wiping it off her face telling me not to panic. DON'T PANIC? She's crying bloody tears. How is a mother not to panic?

This is me looking real good for Halloween.

This is the current medication. Please, please, please work. The ointment really stings my eye. The pain is really sharp like putting acid in my eye. 3 times a day folks.

Doctor said to watch the diet too. That means no eggs, no sea food, no fried and oily stuff. Many people just think about what medication to use to get rid of pink eyes fast, but don't give much thought to making diet adjustments too. Well, doctors orders.

So, today I cooked porridge. First I boiled some chicken breast. After it was cooked, I took it out to cool and shredded it later. The chicken stock I used to boil the rice. Also added ginger, "kiam chye" (preserved vege) for the salty taste, carrot and goji berries (good for eyes), tomato (antioxidant), and long beans .

To make it work, I chanted this magical chant as it cooked:
"Yummy porridge, boiling rice,
Help me heal my sore red eyes,
As I eat your nutritious brew,
Make my eyes as good as new."

Think it'll work?


  1. Yikes, this is really contagious. Poor baby also kena :( Hope she's getting better already (and you too).

    So did your magical chant work? ;)

  2. Oh...I also got sore eyes few days ago and every morning when I wake up, I can't see clearly,lot of sticky stuffs stick on my both eyes.then I just drop EYE MO and drink plenty of water,and lucky today it is gone.

  3. ChloeRuoyi:
    I think that magical chant is doing some good as I feel my eyes improving a bit. Baby's eyes also not as swollen anymore.

    Lucky you that you healed quickly. Did the EYE MO sting when you put it in your eyes?


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