Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playdoh For A Rainy Day

My daughter was bugging me to make her some playdoh. So happened it was raining that day and I thought "okay, why not". I ended up making 4 "balls" of playdoh. I couldn't make a lot of colors because I threw out most of my food coloring since they were expired. So I made green, pink, red and white. If you need the recipe and directions on how to make them, you can get it here from my previous post: PLAYDOH RECIPE

This is the first time babyK has seen playdoh. She was scared to touch it at first. D1 doesn't like the smell of it, so he chose to play with plasticine instead. I know there's a recipe that uses KoolAid. I'm sure that smells better but unfortunately, we don't have KoolAid here.

Here are some of the playdoh creations done by my older girl. 

Mamas Parenting Tip
  • If you need an activity for a rainy day, make some playdoh. 
  • Store up cookie cutters of a variety of shapes. It'll provide loads of fun when playing playdoh.


  1. Thanks for the tips on playdough making. I used to make also but then they get moldy so fast that now I've resorted to buying Playdough. Do you know why people don't buy? Maybe I should Google that question...haha! It's stated non-toxic and I make sure they wash their hands after playing so I really don't know why. In the long run you might even safe because I've thrown away so many batches from the mold.

  2. mom2kiddos:
    I used to buy but the kids would get all the colors mixed up. After a while, the playdoh will get hard too. That's why I don't buy. For me it is cheaper to make my own. The recipe that I use calls for "cream of tartar". That is suppose to make the playdoh last longer, up to about 6 months. How long before the ones you make get moldy?

  3. Wow, such bright attractive colored play dough that are non-toxic. COol, my kids will love this!

  4. Health Freak Mommy:
    Oh yes, a few hours of playing. Not only kids love this, moms will love this too. One way to keep them occupied.

  5. My friend just gave me a batch of 4 colours and claimed it will last more than 6 months because she used lots of cream of tartar but it lasted me less than 3 months. I tell my kids not to mix the colours but sometimes they still do. And to get the store bought ones soft again, knead it with some water. It works great.


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