Friday, July 15, 2011

Young Kids Should Be Banned From

I was on twitter and saw an interesting trend called #youngkidsshouldbebannedfrom.

That got me thinking, if I were to make a list of things young kids should be banned from, what would I write? Well, here are my thoughts.

Young kids should be banned from...
  • eating junk food. 
  • having a facebook account until they finish school.
  • having a PSP or whatever electronic gadget that warps them into another dimension.
  • having a mobile handphone. And when they are old enough to have one, it shouldn't cost more than what mommy or daddy is having.
  • watching cartoons the whole day.
  • throwing tantrums.
  • calling other people names and swearing.
  • listening to music that teach bad values.
  • blaming other people when they are in the wrong (applies to adults too).
  • calling their mother fat.
  • asking their mother to have another baby... and then changing their mind when the baby is born.
  • sitting and tumbling on dirty floors.
  • changing their clothes more than 2 times a day.
  • using the mouse more than they do a pencil.
  • spitting out food onto their mother's plate.
  • wasting food.
  • being lazy (this one is my daughter's suggestion).
  • looking over their mother's shoulder when she is typing on the computer (and ranting about the kids).
  • from eating the last bit of dessert. We all know mom deserves it right?
  • fighting over where to sit in the car.
  • jumping on the bed and climbing over house furniture.
  • staying awake past 9:00pm.
Okay, I think my list is long enough. I think this is interesting enough to make into a meme. You can make your list as short or long as you want. Tag however many people you want. Free and easy to do. But do leave your link in the comments section coz' I want to read what you write.

So, first up, I'm tagging the following people:
  1. Mamapumpkin
  2. Blog With Yan
  3. Aloha Molly
  4. SashaBlaBlaBla
  5. Mumsgather
If you're not tagged but want to contribute your thoughts, please do so too.


  1. I agree to all the above. Ban them from church, eating in restaurants and flying in planes too...till they know how to behave properly.

  2. Thanks for tagging me. I'll get round to it next week, hopefully. :)

  3. STP:
    Cannot-lah ban from church. Must go and learn what is Christlike behavior. Going to church and teaching the gospel to my kids is very close to my heart. So sorry-lah, I cannot agree with you on this one.

  4. Good list! Sheoh Yan just tagged me so I'll be working on my list too. :D

  5. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog.

    Actually I can come up with a longer list when I'm annoyed / got angry with my kids. #Being lazy - I think I should include it in my list too, especially when my hands are tied up.

  6. How about banning adults who act worse than kids instead of punishing all kids who have crappy parents that don't teach them to behave in public? I've been out dining and been more bothered by the noisy (usually drunk or rowdy) adults and older teens than I have been by the kids. But noooooo, instead all the childless, too much money in their pocket dinks have to punish not only kids but parents as well.


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