Thursday, July 07, 2011

One Way To Become A Millionaire

A mom didn't like all the baby carriers she tried. So, she designed one herself and guess what? Now she is a millionaire. Karin Frost invented the famous Ergo Baby carrier and last year, she sold her business for USD91 million. You can read all about it here: Baby Carrier Makes Maui Mom Multimillionaire

I wanted to share her story here because it is an inspiration. You want a successful business, you have to come up with a workable solution that solves people's problem. Know what people want, what frustrates them and what will change their life for the better. Not an easy task I would say. But you never know when you might hit the jackpot like Karin Frost.

Another good lesson to learn here is... DON'T underestimate the talents and potential of ordinary mothers.

If you are looking for a good baby carrier, do check out the Ergo. You can read my review here: ERGOBABY BABY CARRIER


  1. Never mind...I'll stay just the way I am...poor, happy and leave the rest of God's will.

  2. STP: Hahaha. As long as there is food on the table, you're contented right? Well, not all of us are lucky to stumble on something that can make us millionaires. Like you, I may not be rich but will choose to be happy and grateful for what I've been blessed with.


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