Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Time Deal On Holiday Cards

Christmas may be in December but people are getting smart these days by starting their Christmas shopping early. Yup, as early as July. Why?
  • You can shop at a leisurely pace.
    End of the year is always a rush. You are rushing for this and rushing for that. Suddenly there's 1001 things to get done and not enough time to do it. If you can tick some things off your Christmas list months in advance, why not? 
  • Ease the financial burden.
    You have to admit that your pocket goes bust during December right? Well, December is not the only month that you're allowed to buy Christmas presents. Buying gifts during the summer sales could save you some money. Plus, spreading out the expenses is a better idea than going broke or getting into debt in one month.
Besides buying Christmas gifts in July, there's another thing you can do early: Preparing Your Holiday Cards.

Tiny Prints is aware that people are on the lookout for holiday card bargains in July. So, they've put together this promo for you.

20% off all Holiday cards (Excluding William Arthur)
Expires: 7/28/2011

Just click my affiliate link or the banner below to access their website and get your discount.

Tiny Prints Christmas in July 20% off Promo


  1. Like Christmas cards - always bought early...and when Christmas comes around, I would forget where I've kept them...and would only find them after Christmas. Personally, I would think that buying too early takes out the joy of shopping and wrapping while the magic of Christmas is in the air.

  2. Wow, spending Christmas in July can mean big savings for holiday cards. I hope it will be repeated next year so many will buy more cards for the holidays.


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