Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Learning Toys For Your Toddlers This Christmas

When it comes to buying a Christmas gift for toddlers, I suggest you consider buying learning toys. At this stage in their life, they are learning things very fast. Look for toys that allow them to improve their memory and motor skills. They say children learn best through play, so why not give them lots of opportunity to play. Here are some of the best learning toys for your toddlers this Christmas.

Babies love to stack and sort. With this set, there are 9 different sized stackable buckets and 4 blocks that come in different shapes and colors. The largest bucket has a snap-on lid that allows babies to match up the shaped block to the bucket opening. The buckets can be put inside one another or stacked up to make a tower. And if your kid is anything like mine, eventually these buckets will be also used in the home kiddy pool during hot days.

More stack and nest toys:


Toddlers love to build things almost as much as they love to take them apart. To pique their interest and actually give them the opportunity to take something apart, without getting in trouble, these toys are perfect. Each set comes with the tools needed to do the job, which also promotes motor skills.

Here are some take apart toys your children will enjoy:

Lego or mega blocks is an excellent investment when it comes to toys because children can play it even as they get older. I love it when children are given opportunities to work with their hands. Plus, it allows for their creativity to bloom. By looking at what my children create throughout the years, I am amazed at their development. They put together stuff that I wouldn't even know how. Of course, my imagination is much limited than theirs. This toy is great if you have more than one child too. They can play make believe together.

Lego and Mega Blocks your children will love:


The Vtech MobiGo is suited to kids up to age 8, but this is the perfect toy for kids who may still be too little to enjoy “real” video games. It can be controlled by the keypad or touch screen and the console is made to withstand drops. There are simple games like sorting animals and more difficult games like reading and math. This console uses cartridges and you can also download more games from the internet.
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  3. I started to read the post and saw that you published this article in 2012. I did a bit of research and hand eye co-ordination improvements and practical thinking enhancement with take appart toys can not be over stated. This xmas think of a cat take apart dump truck


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