Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting Ready For The Holidays In October

It can get quite crazy preparing for the holidays, especially if you are the one doing all the planning and running around. With so many things to do, it is easy to forget something. It doesn't have to be so overwhelming you know. Here are a few pointers to make the holiday season go smoother and a bit more relaxing for you.

Set Your Budget
First and foremost, if you haven’t already, you need to figure out what your budget for holiday expenses is. If you don’t think your budget is big enough, don’t fret, there are still a few months for you to save a few more bucks.

Make An Action Plan
Give some thought to the things you need to do (some of which are included below). Once you’ve figured out the essentials, make a rough timetable that gives deadlines for each task. You can mark this onto a household calendar to serve as a reminder and help you to keep on top of preparation tasks.

Start Getting Presents Now
For most, holidays are a time of giving, and this usually comes in the form of presents. Don’t waste any time – if you’re going to get presents for family and friends, start buying them right now! If you’re short on ideas, then ask your kids, friends, and family to give you some suggestions. The key is not to leave present-buying right up until the last minute. This saves all the stressful and unnecessary rush, and also helps to ensure you can get the gifts you really want for your children.

Write Your Holiday Cards
If you like sending cards out to your friends and family during the holiday season, then don’t wait until the last few weeks before getting them ready. As soon as you see cards in the shops, buy some that you like and start writing them out. You can have them all signed and ready to go well before send-out time, leaving you with less on your mind as the season approaches.

Stock Up On Ingredients
If you like making special treats for holidays such as cakes and other baked goodies, then buy up the ingredients you need now. As holidays approach, the things you want are going to be more in demand and may not be as easy to find. Once you’ve got the ingredients you need, start baking early. Some cakes need a couple of months to mature before they’re ready to eat, so make sure you get these ready well ahead of time.

I'm sure some of you have your own way of making your holidays less stressful. Drop a comment and let me know how you do it.


  1. Another way to make things less stressful is to get the kids involved. If they are old enough let them help with baking things like cookies and if their younger let them make little crafts themselves. This allows them to make someone a present too.

    1. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Yup, the baking can get tiring. I'm always grateful to have my bigger kids as helpers. Problem is they tend to run off half way :)

  2. Glad I could help, after all your blog is helping me often, so thank you


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