Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Jelly Cake

Made another jelly cake, this time for my daughter's birthday. It is strawberry pudding (bottom), raspberry jello (top) with lychee and longan. Wanted to make the jello top strawberry flavor too but they only had 1 box in that flavor on the shelf and I needed 2 boxes. But the strawberry/raspberry combination was quite nice too.

This picture looks real funny coz' of the glow of the candles. Anyway, just wanted to show ya'll her smiling face. Here's something else that is funny... At 8:30pm, K says she hears someone calling her outside. It turns out to be her friends (2 sisters, one of them her classmate) staying opposite our house, coming for some cake. I was quite shocked coz' she didn't tell me she had invited friends. Plus, since the were Malays, I didn't think they would eat our food (halal issues) and I wasn't prepared. Anyway, I was happy to serve them the jelly cake and I think they liked it too. After they went home, the returned a few minutes later, this time with a gift for K -- birthday "ang pow" (money).
I thought we were done for the night when 2 more visitors came. The 2 girls earlier had told another 2 boys (also neighbours) and they came for the jelly cake too. Hahaha. At that point, I thought all the neighbourhood kids were gonna come knocking and I was afraid I didn't have enough if they did. But, the 2 boys were the last visitors for the night.

We later asked K if she did indeed invite her friend to come. She said that she told her friend that it was her birthday and that she was celebrating at 6pm. "Celebrating" to us was cutting the cake. There was no party planned. But I guess her friend took it as an invitation cause "celebrating" usually means there is a party going on. Must tell our children to be careful with words :)

Oh, and another funny thing... my kids would fight over the lychee and longan but the 4 malay kids ate everything BUT the lychee and longan. They left it on their plates untouched and I threw them away when washing up. Does someone have an explanation for this?

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  1. a&a'smom27 August, 2008 13:07

    Hey, pls convey our bday wishes to dear K! So funny abt the uninvited guests but it must have made K so happy. Hehehe, glad to see that he 2 front tooth has sprouted. Abilash's took almost a year to grow (scolded DH for removing it) & he loked so funny with a wide front gap. Granpa even told Abilash to ask his dad to fit him dentures!

  2. The happy smile says it all. lol about the invited guests. Luckily you had enough jelly cake to go round. Hehe.

  3. Happy Birthday to K! I'm sure K is happy on her birthday.I like the look of your jelly cake,I how I wish I could try some. :)

  4. Mama Lian sure know how to make K happy with her own unique creation and yummy, too. I've never had a jelly cake for birthday ..what more to stick candles on it. Love the idea. cheaper too. My Juliana's Barbie doll cake and Jasmine's Barney cake can really drain my pocket. But what to do..a mom will always put their kids' birthday first above her own bday.

  5. Happy belated Birthday to Karina!! How I wish we had kiddy neighbours so Tee has company to play with at any time. Not sure about having visitors all day though, hahaha!!

  6. We are gluten free and are always looking for options to "regular" cake. I will make this one too! Your daughter is beautiful!


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