Saturday, August 16, 2008

Candy Bouquet Business Idea

Above is a video featuring a candy bouquet business owner. This is a good work-at-home idea for mothers wanting to earn some extra cash or deciding to have a career change. Just a few things I noted down from the video:
  • People like candy bouquets because it can be personalized. You can create all sorts of themes for all sorts of occasions such as wedding, centre pieces, sporting events, easter, and even for a school's prom night. I especially liked the idea of creating a theme around an engagement ring. How romantic is that?
  • Even the containers you use is flexible. You can use cute little pots or mugs.
  • If you want your candy bouquet business to stand out from the others, offer a variety of imported, special candy or chocolate. Not just unique in terms of taste but also in appearance. Glenda, the guest on the show and owner of Sweet Inspirations, talked about how she has chocolate that look like golf balls, footballs etc....
  • When doing this business, don't forget to also target businesses and corporations. Glenda mentioned she has many of those type of clients. I was wondering why would they need candy bouquets? Then I realized candy bouquets are perfect if you want to present a gift to a group of people. Maybe a boss wants to say "thank you" to all his staff for a job well done. It's also the kind of gift that creates an impact and is memorable.
  • To retain customers, offer extra services such as remembering special dates for them. I'm sure the ever forgetful but loving husband would appreciate your help in remembering his wife's birthday or anniversary.
I hope you watched the video coz' it showed some lovely examples of the different kinds of candy bouquets you can make. If you think this is the kind of work-at-home business you want to try, here is a guide that will get you started.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars for a franchise. This guide will teach you how to attach the candies to the stick, how to wrap it, how to price it, market it and sell it. You'll discover how to put together 14 beautiful candy bouquets.

Candy bouquets are a big seller during Valentine's Day. Well, you have 6 months to learn, practice and perfect your skill. But you're probably a fast learner, so you'll be in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas :)

Well, this is a great opportunity to finally work from home. Do give the candy bouquet business a try.

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  1. The featured Candy Bouquet person is not a franchisee any longer.


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