Friday, August 29, 2008

Children, Music and Lyrics

{{Potd/2007-11-06 (en)}}Image via Wikipedia Okay, I just have to share this hilarious story. I borrowed a CD from my mom to do some line dancing and one of the songs in the CD is called "Kiss and Makeup" by Belle Perez.

Well, somehow, K grew a liking to the music of that song. And me, I started to get worried because the lyrics don't represent the kind of lessons I want her to be learning:

I don't wanna talk
I wanna kiss and make up
Let's not waste any time
I wanna kiss and make up
I never thought you were a lover next to being a friend
And tomorrow when we wake up we make up again

In this instance, I'm glad she doesn't listen very well. Of the whole song I think she only hears the "I wanna kiss and make up" part. Anyway, I decided to have a little chat with her.

Mommy: K, do you know what the song is saying?
K: I like the music.
Mommy: Yes, I know but sometimes, songs have good music but not very good words. For example, this song that you're listening to don't have very good words. What does it say? ... Kiss and make up right?
K: Yeah.
Mommy: Do you know what it means? What does she want to do?
K: She like to kiss and put on make up (patting her cheeks).
Mommy bursts out laughing uncontrollably.

I love her innocence. Anyway, I also tried to explain what that phrase meant as innocently as possible.

Mommy: Sometimes, girlfriends and boyfriends fight and argue and they get angry at each other. How do they become friends again?
K: (after some thinking)... say sorry.

Hahahaha. See! How to taint such innocence. Anyway, I explained that sometimes they did more than say sorry. That's where the kissing come in. I kind of left the other "physicals" out. And now she knows that "make up" has another meaning.

Sigh! I'm sooooo NOT good at teaching about the "birds and the bees." Better start looking for a children's book on that topic to help me out.

  • Be aware of the kind of music your children listen to. Teach them from young to differentiate between good music and not-so-good music.
  • Teach them that lyrics are just as important as the rhythm.
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  1. lol. Such sweet innocence. :)

  2. hi lian, long time no see...ha..i must say you did a good job at explaining..i would be at a loss if i had to do it...:)

  3. very innocent and simple... :) so sweet...
    Hey I have got an award for you

  4. hey lian. I have some nice books (seen em at MPH), you been to the MPH warehouse sale? explaining the birds and bees in a nice relaxed, age appropriate manner. :)

    it's so cute to see such innocence.. :)

  5. Arrghh!! You corrupted her!!! *just kidding*

    Doesn't it turn you to mush when your kids display such sweet innocence? Friends also can kiss and make up what....?

  6. I love when kids are so cute with thier words. My son is starting to ask questions about the music I listen to on the radio. I listen to country most of the time so it isn't to bad but it isn't always perfect. Great tip!

  7. I can relate I can learn very fast from what they hear from radio or TV. Kids can be that innocent hoh? One day when i scolded my twin boys for often staining their school daughter answered "Mum..leave the dirty job to TOP!" I was dumbfounded and asked where you hear this? She say "There..LITE FM lor!"
    As for the honeys and bees, I started educating them from their own body private parts. One day my daughter tried to use a pencil to pretend that she has a birdie and sHUE SHUE standing like her Kor kor. I told her that boys and girls are different. I also showed them my Caesarian scar and tell them babies can come out thru stomache or their mummy's pussy!

  8. mumsgather:
    I wonder how long the innocence will last :)

    Tried my best not to explain more than necessary, you know what I mean?

    Thanks for the award.

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you around here often.

    cuddly family:
    Wanted to go but DH said it would be a madhouse.

    big pumpkin:
    You must have kiss and make up with lots of "friends" eh? hahahaha.

    My golf coach in the US listened to country all the time. Sad to say I didn't acquire the taste for it. hahahah.

    It's not funny how kids really get influenced by advertisement. Especially babies. I think most mothers agree that babies like to watch advertisements. So clever to brain wash us. I have no problem teaching human anatomy. It's explaning human intimacy that needs a delicate touch.


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