Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Things That Kids Say

Last Sunday evening, I told my daughter that we might be privileged to see Malaysian history in the making as Lee Chong Wei played Lin Dan in the Olympics badminton final. I explained to her how no Malaysian has won a GOLD medal in the Olympics before and if Lee Chong Wei won that night, he would be the first. She caught on to the excitement as she watched the game with much intensity. Every time he scored a point, she was like "YEAH!" even though he was 10 points down.

Anyway, almost towards the end of the match she makes this sudden discovery:

K: Hey, he (Lin Dan) is chinese and we are chinese. Isn't that funny mommy? ... (calling her brother) He is from China and our great-great-great grandfather is also from China. So, actually, if he win, we also win. Right or not mommy?
So who are you going to cheer for?
K: Both of them lah.

But I can tell you that when Lee Chong Wei lost, she also felt sad. So you see, even if we are chinese, the fact that we are Malaysian still rings true.

After Lin Dan won the match, he threw his badminton racquet and shoes into the stands.

Mommy: K, why don't you practice your badminton and maybe, one day, you can be in the olympics and win a gold medal?
K: Then, what will happen to my racquet and shoes?
(Mommy thinking - Win gold medal first then only decide if you want to throw your racquet and shoes. Apa-lah!)

Yesterday we went for a much needed hair cut. Here's part of the kids' conversation in the car:

K: Mommy, I don't want to cut too short. Until here (indicating with her hand) only. Because I like to keep long hair.
: Ya-lah, I know you like long hair because you want to look pretty for the boys. (And he said it in a teasing and "Ewww" kind of way.)
(Mommy shocked - my little 5 yr old know how to make such evaluation.)

(Mommy scared - What boys??? She is only 7 yrs old.)

I don't know what happened to my son yesterday. He went to the bathroom sooooo many times (maybe it was the cold weather). I took him to the bathroom when we got to the shopping complex. We had lunch and went to the bathroom again. I made sure he went before the movie. He had to go during the movie. He went again after the movie. When I was sitting in the chair getting my hair cut (about 1/2 hour later), he AGAIN said he wanted to go to the bathroom.

So, there I was, stuck in the chair with the cloth wrapped around me and the hair dresser snipping away, and my son with his loud voice declaring to the whole world that he needed to go "shee shee!!!" (meaning wee-wee). Not only did he tell me of his urge every 2 minutes, but even put it to song. Yes, he was singing a High School Musical song and substituted some lyrics for the word "shee shee." Eventually, he was hopping around and holding his crotch and still saying "shee-shee" every other second. What to do? What to do? It's not like I can just get up and leave. It wasn't a hair salon. It was one of those "cut-and-go" shops.

When the hair-dresser finished snipping, he held the mirror and asked "is it okay?" WHAT DO YOU THINK? Okay or not okay also have to be okay isn't it????? Can you tell I was very stressed out and highly annoyed. But after I calmed down I have to express gratitude for one thing -- that he didn't pee his pants.

Mamas Parenting Tip:
  • If you're gonna cut your hair and you have kids with you, make sure there is another adult to accompany you.
  • Teach your children they need to be more discreet when expressing their "bodily urges." The whole world doesn't need to know. Figure out what else you don't want broadcast to the public.
  • If you ever encounter a parent in distress, PLEASE offer your help.
  • And remember, for every bad thing that happens, it could have been worse.
And here is the latest out of my son's mouth:

KokoD: Mommeeee... baby just woke up and he's trying to kill me. HELP!

Don't you just love the drama and comedy you get at home?


  1. Its always fun to have kids around the house. Hehe.

  2. hahaha..so funny....make my day!

  3. haha interesting conversation. Really can't underestimate what kids thinking.

  4. Bet you guys have a riot at home!

    Great tips on going for a haircut :-)

  5. Very very nice and funny entry. Love reading this.

  6. hehe, this particular post is really funny lian, and my favourite part is the last one - useful tips those are. thnks for sharing, coz i'm in the middle of potty training nunu at the mo, and i could really put some of those tips to good use.

  7. awesome... I loved every bit of these conversations..this post is hilarious as well as informative... and you have really cute kids around you... :)

  8. Lian,
    Hahaha... I too am amazed with my girls' conversation. The other day Balqis announced to me that she's marrying her cousin. We were at my parents & I almost fainted when I entered my bedroom at my parents'. My bed had a makeover frm a bed to a pelamin! I should have taken pictures...! ;-)

    ps- I tagged you. Come over & see.

  9. Lian,
    i always love to read your post on kids'conversation and their thinking.

    I always emphasize to my kids since they were small that money doesnt fall from sky and mom & dad have to work for it. I still remember one day when I was on leave and my twins that time was only 4 yrs old noted that I didnt go to work. So they asked "Mom, why arent you going to work today? I replied "Because mommy on leave today" They then answered and questioned me "How can? If you dont go to work , where can you find money. If no money, how are you going to buy toys for us? Faster go worklah, dont stay at home! (I was dumbfounded!!!)

  10. Muahahah...your son is so dramatic! Thank goodness he didnt pee in his pants, else really malu!


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