Monday, August 11, 2008

Frugal Birthday Cake

What do you do when your children's birthday come rolling by? Bake your own cake? Buy a cake off the counter? Pre-order a special cake? Opt for cupcakes?

I've always tried to bake my own cakes for my children's birthday. Not to say I'm an expert at it, but it does help to save a little money. You can always try to bake from scratch, or you can cheat like me (sometimes) by using cake mix that come from a box. I especially like Pilsbury's Lemon Cake Mix.

Well, this year for my son's birthday, I chose to try a jelly cake. At first I thought of maybe ordering one but it cost's about RM60 for one. Frugal times calls for frugal living. So I decided to make one myself. Tadah! Here it is...

This is what it looks like after being cut. The pudding is below, the jello on top with peaches. So, it doesn't look very fancy like the commercial ones where the cake is in the shape of a cartoon character or something. But this pudding/jello cake was delicious and my son gave me a thumbs up.

Unfortunately, with this cake I couldn't put wordings like you normally have on top of a cake. With the jello on top, I don't really think you can write anything. BUT, you could always buy those plastic "Happy Birthday" words and just poke it on top. I did think of getting some cute cocktail umbrellas for further decoration too. Maybe next time.

So, how frugal exactly is this jelly cake?

Pudding Mix or Malays call it Dadih (Happy-Grass brand, Mango flavor) - RM4.90
1 can evaporated milk - RM2.75
1 can peaches and 100gms sugar - estimated RM4.00
2 packets Nona Crystal jello (orange flavor) - RM3.90
TOTAL - RM15.55

No baking, no special cake decorating skills needed. 100% loved by kids (and adults).
My daughter's birthday is coming up. Maybe I'll make another one but with different fruit topping.

If you think this jelly cake is not "special" enough, you could make it instead as another dessert dish for your party. Well, hope you like this frugal idea for a birthday delight.

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  1. That's a happy looking satisfied customer!

  2. wow...tat looks absolutely daughter's birthday is coming up...and she wants a strawberry shortcake tips?.. apart from getting it off the bakery..:)

  3. The look of delight on his faces tells it all. RM15 is better than RM60. :)

  4. You are so cretive... good job.

  5. Wow! i loved it... would like to have the recipe from you... And hey I think you have been busy with kids,didn't see you around.. :)

  6. a&a'smom12 August, 2008 16:41

    Hey, the cake looks lovely & yummy! Nothing like making ur own masterpiece & saving money too. The bday boy's happy & satisfied big smile is priceless!

  7. buzzing j:
    Yes, very satisfied.

    Sorry, strawberry shortcake is beyond my capabilities. Hahahah. The last time my daughter wanted a strawberry cake, I ended up baking a butter cake with chocolate fudge topping and strawberries to decorate. That, I can do.

    Yes, it's always a good thing when you can save that much and still bring joy to your kids :)

    This is the most uncreative thing lah. Hahahah. That's why it's recommended.

    Actually, there's no recipe. Everything came in a package or a can. Just check your local supermarkets to see if they sell instant pudding or jello.
    Oh, and I'm so touched that you missed me. Ya, kids were all down with the cold. Hence my MIA.

    But can't beat your race track cake ;)

  8. That cake looks DELICIOUS and your son soooo HAPPY. I think I will try something like this. Just "peachy"!


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