Thursday, August 14, 2008

Think Twice Before You Buy

Look around your house. Do you have too much stuff?

Well, it's time to review your buying habits. Not just because things are getting more expensive or economic times a bad, but also because it's not healthy for us or the planet. Take a look at this video called "The Story of Stuff". Below is just a teaser. Watch the full story with your children because they need to learn too. And after the video, I believe a walk through the mall or supermarket will be different. Hopefully you and your children won't be quite enticed by all things pretty and shiny.

The video is 20 minutes long but the animation is very entertaining and makes the concept very easy to understand. Here is a link to 10 big and little things you can do.


  1. Ya agreed need to have it in mind when do shopping. List out things needed, then compare and buy it without stay longer. The longer we stay the more useless things we buy haha

  2. vickylow:
    And must also make the commitment that you will only buy what's on the list. You must admit that sometimes it's easy to stray away from the list.

  3. Pretty amazing. I think this is a powerful 20 min presentation. I have emailed it to friends and family members. Some of whom have "stuff" issues. I will make a commitment to just say NO to stuff and get this planet back on track.

  4. swingset:
    Yes, this presentation is amazing. Glad to hear that you're gonna do your part for the planet. Woohoo!


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