Monday, December 08, 2008

Easy Way To Print Your Digital Photos

Do you have tons and tons of digital photos stored in your hard drive like me? I love my digital camera because I can snap and snap and snap and not worry about running out of film. Unfortunately, this piece of wonderful equipment does my mother no good. You see, she doesn't have any photographs of her grandchildren to show off because their photos are all sitting in my computer.

Well, I thought this Christmas I would be nice and actually print out a load of pictures for her. I think I owe her 6 years of grandchildren pictures. So it's a good thing I came across EOE ONLINE. I don't have to leave my house. I just need to:
  1. Register an account with them
  2. Upload my photos
  3. Select the photo sizes and quantity
  4. Checkout.
  5. Pay through credit card, bank transfer or bank-in
  6. They send the pictures to me.
So very easy peasy. I signed up for their newsletter a few months ago and I gotta say, they are really quite a "happening" company. They are very good in keeping their customers informed and seem to have exciting promotions regularly. Like right now, they are having the following promotion which ends 31/12/08:

That is really a good price. I just put in an order for 50 pix (4R size) and it only costs RM15 plus RM5 for postage.

So, if you're thinking of using their services, this is what you do:
  • Register yourself first. This is really to your advantage. If something happens during the uploading session, like you get disconnected or something, you won't lose everything. You just log in again and a message box will ask if you want to continue with you order. I really appreciate this feature. My internet connection has been horrible and it was taking way too long for me to upload 15 pictures. I had to close the window and thought "urrgh, I've to start all over again?" So it was a relieve to see that little message asking me if I wanted to resume my order.
  • When you get to the main page, just mouse over "shopping" at the top bar and select "e-print."
I think the only downside for me was uploading the pictures. It's really not the website's fault. It's freakin' Streamyx that's been frustrating me and DH the last few weeks. So darn slow!

If you are experiencing tortoise slow connection, don't try to upload 15 photos at one go. Do it like 5 photos at a time.

Another difficult part for me was selecting which pictures to print. Hahahaha. Anyway, my order is in with eoe online. Wait for my Part 2 of this review where I will report on their service.

p.s. Besides just online photo printing, they have other fun services too like photo competition and "shop & win" contest.

p.s.s. If you're a blogger, you can review their site too. For your honest opinion, they will give out 50 4R prints and RM50.00 review fee for each completed review. Heheheh. So you see, I was very motivated to upload those 50 photos. Kekeke. There is also a grand prize – an Olympus E-420 Digital SLR kit with 14-42mm lens worth RM1999.00 for the best written review! More details click here!

Update: PART II

"I just got a letter, I just got a letter, I just got a letter, Wonder who's it from?"
(If you've watched the children's program Blues Clues, you'll know how to sing this).
So, this came in the mail on Saturday (13/12). Can you guess what it is?

TADAH! Yes, it's my printed photos from EOE ONLINE. They didn't just throw the photos in the courier plastic bag, they wrapped it in some cardboard so the pictures wouldn't get damaged. The photos were already nicely put in the photo album they supplied.
What can I say? Very nice, very nice!

The one who has been enjoying these printed pictures the most is... BabyD! Actually, the photos were meant for my mom. Looks like I will have to print again and print more. I'll have to do that soon coz' the 30cents for 4R offer is only till the end of December.

So, what do my kids say about EOE Online? They say "Yay mommy, print more!" See, even baby has learned how to do the peace sign and say cheese for the camera.

EOE Online Summary:
  • Easy way to print your digital photos hibernating in your harddisk. Just upload, pay and then wait for them to deliver.
  • How long they take to deliver? Their promise is 3 days. True or Not? Well, I placed my order on the 8/12, which is a public holiday. So they must have received it on the 9th. I got it on the 13/12. That means the photos were delivered after 4 days. Okay-lah.
  • Photos were delivered in good condition. No damages and printing is clear. Now I just need a better quality camera so my photo's can be more "vibrant".
  • Save time and petrol. Everything is just "click", "click", "click". Can do this in my pyjamas. No need to think about putting makeup, fighting traffic, finding carpark, and going back to pick up the pictures. Blood pressure normal the whole process :) They also offer free shipping for orders above RM35. See, save some more.
  • Great prices, good bargains. Better than what you get at the retail outlets.
  • Do I recommend it? YES!
  • Will I be using their services again? YES!


  1. Thanks for the "christmas gift" ... FOC things are hard to come by these days.

  2. Thanks...thanks.... I have tons of photos to print though...


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