Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

I haven't been doing much scraps lately. So, here's one for Christmas. You won't believe how many times I had to snap and still couldn't get a picture that I was pleased with. First one wouldn't smile, then another smiled funny, then one would look somewhere else, then the other one looked somewhere else, one couldn't keep still, then they would block their face with their hands etc.... Seeing that it was a Christmas picture, I had to TRY to keep a happy spirit.

Anyway, I'm thankful for digital cameras coz' I can just snap and delete as I like. Hehehehe. Merry Christmas everyone! I know, the greeting comes a bit late but then, there's 12 days of Christmas right?

Mamas' Christmas Tip
  • Sing Christmas hymns and Christmas songs with your children to invite the spirit of Christmas to your home.
  • Here's a simple Christmas game. It's like "pin the nose on the donkey" except it's "stick the balls on the Christmas tree." (Refer to the picture below). You draw several circles on the Christmas tree, so there's not just one target. You can designate different prize or candy for each circle. I used blue-tack to stick the circles onto the paper. Remember to blind fold the players. Simple even for little children to play.
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  1. Merry christmas Lian. good to see you... hats off to your patience gal... its difficult to click pics of kids... and like sticking circles game... nice tip:)

  2. VERY nice scrapbooking of Christmas! i guess your kids must had fun while you snap snap snap on them LOL. you are superb mum!!!

    and HAPPY Blessed New Year to you and your family:).


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