Monday, December 01, 2008

What Can You See At A Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out Event

Last Saturday was the Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out event. My kids really enjoyed it. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I'll let my pictures tell the story.

The event was held at Kizsports, 1Utama. After registration, family pictures and guessing how many marbles in a bowl, the kids were off. With babyD, main attraction was the slide. I lost count how many times he went up on that mega slide -- on his own too mind you. One time he even slid backwards on his tummy.

The kids were given special T-shirts to wear. Oversize also nevermind-lah. Oh, better let you know that most of the pictures here will not be of my children. Simply because they were running all over the place and dear mommy can't keep up. So I just browse around, clicking what I think is the "essence" of this family day.

Of course this kind of Family Day Out is an event to remember. So you see a lot of parents ready with their cameras in hand trying to capture the perfect shot of their little ones.

Me too with my not-so-canggih camera whipped out. The ball area is a great place for taking pictures. Here's one of babyD swimming among the colorful balls.

All the kids so excited. Daddy's have to play "catching" with their toddlers.

Some kids feel a bit lost and need some coaxing.

Moms having some "chill-out" time before the activities begin. Yes, parents need to conserve as much energy as they can. We have to last 4 hours for this event you know. Unlike children, we don't have boundless energy :)

During game time, children were divided into different groups. They had chicken dance, limbo rock, hokey pokey, a little gymnastics, bubbles etc.... Of course prizes were given out.

My son won a hamper and was sooooooo happy. We also don't know why he won it. Daddy said he didn't stay in line and was all over the place. Maybe they gave him the prize for enthusiasm. Hahaha. I guess "super activeness" was a good thing this time.

BabyD was like this little boy here. Not so interested in joining in the activities but rather stick to mommy.
There were some who decided they needed a break.

There were Friso booths for the kids to try the milk. One little cup not enough for my baby. He asked for "more". After which they gave him a little bag with more goodies inside. So yummy the drink until the last drop. Don't even think of snatching it away from him.

After the games, they had a talk by Yvonne Tan from Dutch Lady. She talked about probiotics. You see, Friso milk has probiotics in it. All the while I was thinking, "good, if my kids drink this milk then I don't have to buy vitagen anymore. Kekekeke." AND I won a thumb drive for answering a simple question. Woohoo! They also had 5xmom Lillian Chan share some parenting tips. But I believe the program that stole the day was the magic show by Mr. Banana. He got the everyone laughing at his crazy antics. He almost got swarmed by the kids a few times. Hah, now he now he should be careful of blogger's children. They are all very gung ho. When my kids came home, they were still talking about the magic show: "Mommy, how come he..." or "Mommy how did he...?" There was one trick where he burned a rope and out popped a flower. My son asked if he could burn a rope too and see if a flower comes out (*mommy fainting*). A minute ago he asked me if he could eat paper like Mr. Banana. (*double faint*). Looks like I have to keep an eagle eye on this little guy of mine so he don't do his own "magic."

And even though I didn't win that trip to Hong Kong Disneyland (sob! sob!) or win the consolation vouchers (WAAAAH!), I'm glad I got to meet some bloggy friends. Top picture is Molly (I enjoyed carrying that cute, chubby baby) and bottom is Joanne (or was it Joanna, sorry?). I also met Karen Yiau and Thomas. So, not just a family day out, but also a "connect with friends" day.

Although an exhausting day for mommy and daddy, it was a fun event. My kids couldn't wait to tear open the hamper when they got home. We also got a goody bag to take home and there were...
... 2 tins of Friso milk. Can you guess what my children will be drinking the next few weeks?
So, thank you Nuffnang and Friso for hosting this event and inviting my family. It was truly enjoyable and hope we can come back next year. There will be a next year right?


  1. Sorry that I've almost missed you if you didn't call me, haha, just too many people on that day.... :) Wish to have more time to catch up with you next time.

  2. Oh so many activities on that day. Nice goodies too.

  3. wow..nice one Ai Lian~ Good LUCK!

    Molly :)

  4. karenyiau:
    It's understandable. What more with us trying to keep tabs on our kids.

    Family First, alohamolly:
    Thanks. Hopefully I'll get lucky this time.

    Yes, really an activity packed event. The organizers did a good job.

    little prince's mummy:
    It was lots of fun, especially for the children.

    I believe you are the big winner of the Hong Kong Disneyland trip. Congrats. Do I get a fridge magnet too?

  5. Aiseh, if not for my busy schedule, I am there too. Not bad since this is a free outing and got free gift somemore!

  6. Looks like a fun day!! Great pictures and story :)

  7. great... fun activities and bonding time....
    How r u doing?

  8. Hijackqueen,
    Nevermind, maybe there's a next year.

    It was a fun day! But exhausting too.

    Are you back in action yet?


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