Friday, January 16, 2009

Have A Good Day

Every day when I drop off KokoD at his kindy, I tell him to "Have a good day!" And I really want him to because his first few days at kindy was shaky. When I pick him up I will ask "was it a good day?" Thankfully it has been a good day for the last few days.

Anyway, I dropped off K at school today. And as she got down from the car I said "Have a good day!" KokoD was in the car with me and this is what he said:

KokoD: Mommy, why must you say that? Just say good-bye and that's it.
Me: Because I want her to have a good day. I want her to be happy. I want her to have a good experience at school and hope everything goes well for her.
KokoD: Mommy, I'm used to my class already. So, you don't have to say that to me ok.
Me: So you're okay with your school now?
KokoD: Yes and don't ask me anymore ok!

My reaction:
Happy - Glad that he has adapted to the school.
Sad - Coz' I still want to know how his day went. Now I can't ask.
Amused - Didn't know that a simple wish of "have a good day" can create stress. Hahahaha.


  1. Hi Lian, I now reading about your kid's day at school. Awhile ago I read of a Mom who's son is leaving home for University...
    When a kid leaves his mother's warmth for his first day of school, most kids cry.

    When HE leaves home for further studies, it is the mother who now cries.....

    And I will say this,
    to your son, his mom is a never ending song in his heart of comfort, happiness and being. He may sometimes forget the words, but he will always remember the tune.

    You have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

  2. a&a'smom17 January, 2009 13:21

    So happy that he has adapted to his new kindy.

  3. Nevermind to stop asking. I'm sure he will share and talk to you what he been doing, funny things & etc in school later.

  4. Uncle Lee,
    Thanks for the beautiful thoughts.

    Yes, it's nice to see that smile on his face after school.

    Definitely I will not stop asking. This mother real kay-poh-chi. Sure I'll want to know what's going on. Heheheh.

  5. I like your blog. I have come across it in Blog Catalog several times while doing some research for one of my own posts.

    I found myself reading and enjoying some of your previous posts. Actually, I meant to comment the last time I visited, but I don't think I did.

    Anyway, thanks and I'll stop back soon.

    a.k.a The Constant Complainer
    Cleveland, OH


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