Thursday, January 29, 2009

Battling Morning Sickness

I really don't need a home pregnancy test to tell me I'm pregnant. The nausea of morning sickness is a definite sign already. Past pregnancies tell me I have to endure this for 3 months. Can't wait for food to smell good again.

So, how do I combat this nauseousness?
  • Don't let myself get hungry. Small meals and lots of snacking.
  • Snacks usually comprise of crackers, fruits or toast bread. Because it's Chinese New Year, I have Chinese New Year goodies to keep me occupied too e.g. prawn crackers and "Matt Foong Tau" a.k.a Beehive a.k.a Bunga Ros.
  • Bland food. No more nasi lemak or curry laksa.
  • Lot's of burping. Hahahaha.
  • Sour plums ("shin mui" or "semboi")
My energy level is almost rock bottom. I do feel grateful that I do not have to go to work to meet deadlines and please bosses. Kudos to working pregnant moms. So, if you see a little less activity from me these few weeks, just know that I'm probably sprawled out on the bed or hiding from nauseating smells.

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UPDATE (6 Feb 2009)
I've heard that ginger is particular good in helping with morning sickness. After 3 pregnancies, I decided to finally give it a try. So, slicing up some ginger (about 4-5 slices), I put them in my mug and add some hot water and honey. I let it sit for awhile for the ginger to fuse into the water. Once I finish the mug, I just top up with more hot water and honey. Sipping it throughout the day seems to help. Well... I think that is what is helping me feel better. Make no mistake, I'm not CURED of morning sickness. The discomfort is still there but not so intense.
So, if you are pregnant and also battling morning sickness, maybe you can give this remedy a try.
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  1. heloooo Congrats! aiyah i tell u ..sometimes nuthing can help to deal with morning sickness. Just gotto endure it for 12 weeks and then you'll say WOOOHOOOOO again. Just hang in there k?


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