Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Baby's TWO !!?

My baby turned TWO last Saturday. Amazing how fast they grow up. Memories of changing his diapers in the middle of the night is still fresh in my mind. Now, he is running around without diapers during the day and is working on being potty trained.

Anyway, we didn't have a big celebration. I cooked a special western lunch -- french fries, fried chicken, sausages (hot dogs to my American friends) and coleslaw. The kids eat rice or noodles everyday so this is my treat to them.

Of course I made jelly cake again. The kids like it and it's cheap. Cake was gone before the night was over. The peaches in the jello was a good call. The kids could not get enough of that. I also sprinkled some hundreds and thousands for a more colourful look. I found a cute #2 candle and also candles with stars at the top. BabyD was really happy to hear us sing the birthday song. He was especially excited to blow out the candles. He wanted us to light it again so he could blow it again. Then he grabbed the extra candles and wanted to put them all on the cake. Hahahah. Sorry, you only get that many candles when you're as old as err... daddy. (Mommy still young mah). Hahahaha.

Guess what we got him for a present? PRUNES. You must think that is a weird present to get for a little boy. Hahahah. But you know what, that is what he wanted. My mom gave us a bottle of prunes before and nobody else ate it but him. Yup, he finished the whole thing. And lately, the Sunsweet prunes advertisement on tv whet his appetite for them again. When we told him we didn't have any at home, he said "car" -- as in go and buy me some. So you see, you don't always have to buy toys for your kids to be happy :)

Actually, my mom did buy him a toy helicopter -- one that needs batteries, has blinking lights and makes lotsa noise. *whisper* The kind that drives parents nuts *whisper*. But guess who played with it the most? KokoD. AND it didn't even last one day before something broke.

Okay, I haven't been doing that great marking down his milestones lately. Let's see if I can play catchup.
  • Still not speaking much. He's okay with vowel sounds but not consonants. So, the word "want" sounds like "aah", and "orange" sounds like "o-ee". He has trouble with words that are more than one syllable. His first 2 syllable word was "cicak". He can also say his name quite well. His first 3 syllable word is "papa--ah" - I hoped you guessed "papaya". This was a conversation he had with my mom the other day:

    Grandma: Baby, why your hair so wet?
    Baby: Miao
    Grandma: Huh?
    Baby: Miao
    Grandma: What is it?
    Baby: Miao
    Grandma: Ooooh, smell! You want me to smell you hair.
    (Because grandpa always smells his hair after a bath. My mom laughed so hard because she was wondering why he was "miao-ing" at her).

  • If left to feed himself, he will pick all the "goodies" and leave the rice behind. We usually let him feed himself but eventually have to feed him so he will finish everything on his plate. Lately, the only person that can feed him successfully is his brother. Thank goodness for big brothers.
  • He'll also sometimes "manja" with his big sister. She also sometimes like to "mother" him.
  • Still breastfeeding. But am trying to get him to stop now. Good luck to me!
  • Truly a "water-boy". He just loves water. Lately he's been taking off his own shirt and pants and go bath himself. He's okay bathing with cold water.
  • Really keen observer. He remembers how things are done and what people need to get it done.
  • Very helpful -- sometimes overly helpful.
  • Loves us to apply medicine on him e.g. for mosquito bites, little scratches and whatever tiny mark he can find on his body.
  • Loves us to clean his ears and belly button.
  • Still takes his afternoon naps. Ah, what a lovely child.
  • Loves to have his hair cut.
There are so many things that make this little boy unique. Mommy wishes babyD many happy years ahead and don't grow up too fast.


  1. Its amazing it how quickly he has turned 2. I can't believe it either. lol. I like the pic where your girl is carrying him. He really looks manja there. Haha.

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday BabyD. So fast he turned 2, he look more mature and big boy now.

  3. a&a'smom15 January, 2009 11:15

    Looks like he has lost all his bb fat & of course grown taller. Really nice to see his koko & Cheh Cheh dotting on their titi!

  4. Happy Birthday to BabyD! May u grow up healthy, strong and Happy!

    Cheers to KoKoD and Jie Jie K! U two do a good doting job to ur little brother..

    Thumbs up and "pat on the shoulder" on Lian n DH too!

    May you two have a great family time alwiz! God Bless!

  5. Wow, how time flies! Wuah, you are really good, can cook so much food and can even make a jelly cake.

  6. time flies sooo fast! happy belated b'day to baby D (I know I'm very late coz it's been so long I never visit here coz no.2 already popped last Oct)


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