Friday, January 23, 2009

The Way Kids Think

Tonight, my son read a book titled "Grizzwold". It's about a very huge bear that had to leave his forest because the trees were being cut down to be made into paper. So, he had to find another place to live. His travels took him to the mountains, prairie, desert, the city, zoo and the circus. Anyway, to cut the story short, he finally finds the perfect home at a national park. But he encounters hunters. Luckily there was a ranger there to tell them hunting wasn't allowed. He told the bear "You will be safe here. People cannot shoot animals here. They can only shoot pictures."

KokoD: Mommy, what does it mean "shoot pictures?"
Me: It means to use a camera and take photos.
KokoD: Oh, I thought they hang the pictures on the trees and shoot them.

Hahahaha. Imagine what picture he would have in his mind if I told him a lot of aunties here like to "shoot pictures" as a hobby?


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  2. Hey...believe it or not I am seeing the same picture as your son!

    Thanks for the explanation :))


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