Friday, January 23, 2009

Nasi Ambang

I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I was looking forward to eating Nasi Ambang. A friend of mine commented "what is Nasi Ambang?" I promise to load a picture of it and so here it is.

I believe this dish is from Johor but originate in Jawa. Don't know quite how to describe it -- it's got salted fish, chicken, coconut (I think), mixed vegetable with noodle. It's a little spicy. However, looking around the internet, I realized that the nasi ambang tends to look different. Anyone can shed some light on this? Is this like a "chap fan" (chinese mixed rice) concept?

Anyway, I just discovered this dish a few months back. It was being sold by this little van by the side of the road that leads to my house. DH said we should try it one day and we did. I liked it. Then I realized that actually, the pasar malam also have like 2 stalls selling nasi ambang, but like I mentioned earlier, looks a little different from the van seller's (I like the one from the van). And what I didn't realize was the pasar malam one, the packet was big enough to feed 3 people. One packet = RM5.00

Well, if you've never tried it before, go to your next pasar malam and see if you can find it. If not, my little van seller caters her nasi ambang and I have her phone number. If you're not in Malaysia, well... too bad. Guess you'll just have to make a trip here :)

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