Thursday, July 23, 2009

BSP Test no.2 - Gestational Diabetes Update

Once again I had to do the BSP (Blood Sugar Profile) test on Tuesday. Once again I had my finger poked 4 times in a day. Actually, it was poked 5 times. One time they poked but not enough blood oozed out. The readings seem to be higher then the first BSP test: 5.4, 5.0, 5.5 and 6.5. The last reading was not satisfactory. They marked it in red, like having red marks on your report card when you fail. Hahahah. Ideally, the readings need to be lower than 6.0.

So, doctor told me to repeat the last reading on Wednesday night. I made sure I didn't eat too much rice and bumped up the vegetable intake. I cooked spinach and french beans with carrots for dinner that night. Thank goodness the reading was 5.5. I was so worried because if it was still high, then I would have to go to the hospital for insulin jabs.

On Tuesday night when the reading was 6.5, I had noodle soup (kuey teow and yellow mee). Didn't have time to cook a real meal that day so opted for something simple. Too much carbo I guess. Plus, I was hungry that night and may have eaten more than I should have.

Well, I guess I just have to keep on watching the diet. It's a bit difficult when I see my children and DH enjoying treats and I cannot participate. The sugar craving is still there to tempt me. 2 more months, 2 more months... 2 dragging more months. Sigh!


  1. Oooo....kuay teow and mee are big no-no's...

    Your Doc is pretty conservative. My readings can go up to 6.7 and it's still OK. But since now I'm in my last days, I am eating all I want - yay!!! I know it's difficult, but you'll get there. I made it without insulin, you will too!

  2. I thought normal reading was between 5-7. That was what I read on the internet. But I guess not. Well, now I know for sure kuey teow and mee are BIG no-no's.

  3. before you know, you will have one more screaming kid! 2 mths will just fly.


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