Friday, July 31, 2009

Online Kids Spelling Software: ClickN SPELL

Have you heard about ClickN Read Phonics? It's quite a popular online reading program. Well, the same company has just come up with another program called ClickN SPELL. The name of their software should already give you an idea what it does: TEACH YOUR CHILD SPELLING!

I believe you can start teaching your child spelling around 4-5 years old. However, it shouldn't be just about memorizing the sequence of letters, it helps to teach them phonics first. That way it's easier for them to spell coz' they listen for the sounds and select the letters to match those sounds.

Anyway, children are always keen to get on the computer to play games. Why not get them excited about learning to spell with this fun, interactive software. Sure beats the traditional way of writing words line after line after line....

If you have a child struggling to learn spelling, or you have no time to teach your child spelling, you might want to check out ClickN SPELL. You can learn more about ClickN SPELL by going to my product report. Just click the following link: ClickN SPELL KIDS SPELLING SOFTWARE
At the end of the review, you'll find a discount code that will get you 5% off.

Or go ahead and test out the program now. You get 2 free lessons to try. Just click on the banner below:

Try ClickN READ & ClickN SPELL Today!


  1. Hi Ai Lian , I have sent you an award, check out my blog post:

  2. My child tried it out. He said "no thanks". He said "It doesn`t give me encouragement like the Disney (software) and other software when I complete something."

    I also wonder how many comments and accolades I have read about this software are because of the co-marketing arrangements the company has set up.

  3. I think ClickNSPELL is perfect for learning and understanding, how to spell. I tried it with my kids, and I found that the Copy Cover approach, makes it very easy to use. I recommend it.


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