Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Counting Baby's Movements

Did you ever count your baby's movements when you were pregnant? I didn't do it with my first 2 babies. I had to do it with babyD and I've been asked to do it with this baby too. Many of my friends mentioned that they didn't do it. I've come to the conclusion that when you go to private clinics, this is not a requirement. But when you have your checkups at the government clinics, they suggest you do it and provide a chart for you to do your recording too. It's known as a Fetal Movement Count.

The procedure is as such:
Starting at 9am, count baby's movements until 10 times. For every movement, you put a check mark on the chart. Once you've had 10 movements, record down the time. So, if the 10th movement was at 2pm, you write 2pm on the chart. Now, the trick is, if baby continuously kicks you 3 times (like within 2 seconds), that is counted as 1 movement. And hiccups don't count.

The reason for doing this is to be aware of baby's well-being. By charting baby's movements, you can know if there is a decrease in activity which usually indicates that baby is in distress. If you cannot count 10 movements within 12 hours, you are to go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY.

The problem:
I'll begin counting at 9am. Then I'll get engrossed in doing house chores and cooking, I'll forget to keep counting. Plus, when the kids do something wrong and I'm in the middle of blowing fire out of my dragon nostrils, how to remember to count? I mean it's almost impossible while you're screaming at the kids and fuming mad to suddenly stop and say "hey, that's movement no. 6". I wish there was an instrument that I could just attach to my tummy that would do the counting for me. I've put up a notice on the wall, just above my computer monitor that reads "don't forget to count." Even then, I still forget.

So, this counting business is good stuff... IF I remember to do it. You know what they say about pregnant women -- memory is not their strongest point.


  1. i didnt even counting on my baby's movement, but i know he is moving alot in me .... sometime is kinda strong too .... btw, how u know baby is hiccup lei ???? but if we able to count , that was good .

    But i read one pregnancy magazine b4 saying baby will move less towards end of the few weeks b4 we pop, cos no more space for them to move around .... izit true??

  2. Anggie's Journal:
    You know baby is hiccuping because it feels like a steady beat - like you feel your heartbeat. It'll go "bop, bop, bop..." I think my eldest daughter also hiccup a lot in my womb.
    Not sure if they move less towards the end. But that would make sense. But I still think the "10 movements within 12 hours" still apply.

  3. I did it in the first one week I think..then things catch up..busy taking care an active toddler...forgot..then quickly fill up before my turn being called at govt. clinic..cheating hor ..no choice..the nurse there damn fierce! :P

    Bad mommy!

  4. No lah, never counted wor. I think those with first baby sure more excited lor, so sure will count or breath or use this or that lah .. first time mah. But after that, sorry lah. Like you say, so busy doing housework, no time even to poo!

  5. haha...i think we oni rajin to count for first baby. subsequent babies, no more time to concentrate counting liao :(

  6. I did a VERY thorough counting and recording when I was pregnant with my #1. I was on partial bedrest and was on NPL from work, so I had all the time in the world to do the recording. I still keep the diary with me... it's too sentimental to throw it away. All 3of my babies had many hiccups in utero.

  7. Altho I'm at a private hospital, I'm still counting! but that's cuz I know my baby is at risk from my placental calcification....despite that, durians & Kahlua seem 2b working 4 me, haha!


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